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  • 11 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 12:26

In Turkey, three thousand children each year are dying of this virus

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Cause of infant mortality in the world, which is the leading cause of severe rotavirus gastroenteritis was reported.

Cause of infant mortality in the world, which is the leading cause of severe rotavirus gastroenteritis was reported. Due to rotavirus diarrhea in children in the world die every year more than 600 thousand said Dr.. Hakki Akman, this number is around 3 thousand in Turkey, said it could be protected from disease vaccine.
Ankara Private Trust Hospital Children's Health Center expert Dr.. Rights Akman, rotavirus disease and rotavirus vaccines briefed on. Rotavirus hospitalization in infants and children all over the world and infant mortality is the leading cause of severe gastroenteritis causing saying that the DR. Akman,"due to rotavirus diarrhea in the world more than 600 thousand children are lost every year in our country, this number is estimated to be around three thousand,"he said.
especially in the colder months of Rotavirus gastroenteritis in children under two years of age and 40 to 60 percent of all cases responsible for the record that Dr.. Akman, he continued:
"virus from person to person by the fecal-oral route passes. Matter how early age, rotavirus infection is passed, the clinic so heavy that it passes and hospitalization, and the risk of death increases it. Although gastroenteritis prevention of cleaning and the rules of hygiene very important to follow though rotavirus disinfectants and heat resistant. rotavirus human hands for at least 4 hours can live and this feature because of the outbreak can cause is known. however, so in 79 ethanol with disinfectant can be rendered ineffective."
Children's Health and Disease Specialist Dr.. Akman, 1-4 days after receipt of rotavirus symptoms that occur, the disease for a period of 3-8 days, vomiting, watery diarrhea, fever and abdominal pain and in some cases additionally drew attention to the watch. Dr.. Akman,"Sick children at least for a week virus emit. Initial infection, then exactly immunity for failing rotavirus infections may recur, but subsequent infections are generally milder. Receiving breast milk, infants, rotavirus infection is more commonly seen,"he said.

rotavirus vaccine VERY IMPORTANT
All over the world children's diarrhea and diarrhea-related deaths is an important reason is because of the World Health Organization by the development of rotavirus vaccines to strongly support reminiscent of the DR. Akman, he continued:
"Currently, our country, and which for the moment our national immunization schedule does not take place because of the physician's recommendation or family request exerted on the two rotavirus vaccines are available. Both vaccines are administered orally. Both vaccines baby six weeks after being done, vaccine doses at least 4 weeks must be found and vaccines last dose at the latest baby of eight months while must be completed. vaccine first dose of the 15th week before to be made is required. Generally what brand with the vaccine if initiated, if possible, the same brand with the vaccine to continue is recommended. Infant rotavirus infection have undergone even though complete immunity does not occur rotavirus vaccination is recommended. vaccine breast milk be used together with vaccine efficacy does not reduce. Infant vaccine spits or vomits vaccine reconstitution is necessary. Dolls mild diarrhea to have the vaccine to be done not prevent but moderate and severe diarrhea vaccine should be postponed. rotavirus vaccines be administered in combination with other vaccines."
prevents NEAR 100 PERCENT
Premature babies when they are at least six weeks rotavirus vaccines in immunization with Dr. emphasizes that there is no mind. Rights Akman, said:
"a pregnant woman from the same household babies can be vaccinated. Chronic gastro-intestinal disease of infants to be vaccinated subject is still controversial. Previous years have been released that rotavirus vaccine, intussusception (intestinal knotting) because of the risk with the use has been removed. But intussusception of rotavirus vaccines currently being used have been shown to do. Yet prior to vaccination of children with a history of bowel strangulation of rotavirus vaccines is not recommended to be done."
DR. Rights Akman, in children is a serious health problem that rotavirus infection in the prevention of rotavirus vaccines is very important pointing to"Rotavirus vaccines severe rotavirus diarrhea percent, 98-100 percent was shown to prevent. Rotavirus vaccines is currently being implemented our national immunization schedule are not included Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society , American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the U.S. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) organizations such as the rotavirus vaccine into the routine immunization schedule are proposed to be taken,"he said.

In Turkey, three thousand children each year are dying of this virus" comments for.


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