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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:04

In two ferry to the Ataturk Dam

In two ferry to the Ataturk Dam
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Ministry of Transport and Maritime Domestic Tourism Development Project, which will operate in the construction of the Ataturk Dam pond takes two ferries.

Adıyaman news: Photo Sanliurfa Bozova Çatak Facility in construction at the Ataturk Dam in the north-south line of ongoing ferry passengers as well as freight and learned that a tourist purposes . District Governor Samsat'ta viewing ferries over the ongoing construction Kursad Attack , Samsat'ta Mayor Joseph Euphrates and Samsat'ta Education Culture Association Chairman Bekir Aydin , they get information from the company officials undertook the construction of the ferry . Photo Working to quickly begin what information that gives the company officials , the ferry of 36 meters long, 13 meters wide would be, and will be designed to be type B , type A as designed ferry 50 passengers and 15 cars capacity , while type B designed ferry gave the 100 passengers and 30 cars capacity will be knowledge . Photo Samsat'ta Mayor Joseph Euphrates specifying if they are satisfied due to be presented to the service of the people of the ferry , \"ferries can be used in both the tourist and commercial shipping. great bridge for Bozova-Samsat'ta task will perform . this will be used according to the needs of ferry service of our people . you have already auspicious auspicious ,\"he said .

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