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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:58

In virtuous Harvest Festival

In virtuous Harvest Festival
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In citrus production, which increases from 10 to 30 per cent compared to its peers Hekagro company's patented liquid fertilizers imported feast took place in the garden .

Mersin news: Virtuous held in tangerine groves in the district Tomuk Okitsu ( mandarin ) Harvest Festival from 10-year-old trees yield up to 420 pounds , taking all citrus producers increased their hopes for the future . Harvest festival , Mersin as well as Antalya, Izmir , Adana and Hatay , including manufacturers, dealers, agriculturalists relevant public and private institutions and organizations, representatives of the 600 people participated.
12 years trying
citrus manufacturer's productivity and quality to meet the needs patented organic acid technology designed eco-friendly products on the market offering Hekagro Company , from planting for 10 years, maintains the John İmera citrus garden harvest festival held . Tomuk in the town 5'incisi held Okitsu ( mandarin ) Harvest Festival each year in the changing conditions of the trees growing increased productivity and quality, Hekagro products success once again proved .
Soil and the fruit of human health and the environment that may be harmful residues marking, plants burning products without introducing Hekagro Chairman Enis Hekimoğlu, 12 years in Turkey, all the fruits on the field work done said.
in Çukurova field technical support , analysis by consulting the only company they are and with the United States in Turkey in 55 provinces that are trying Hekimoğlu, \"15 persons agricultural engineer with our team for 12 years in Turkey , fruit on the commercial and non-commercial field studies by the present scientific results visually farmers are trying to convey . Okitsu ( mandarin ) Harvest Festival , the 10-year-old trees growing yield and quality once again by proving we have shown . \"he said.
eco-friendly products
Enis Hekimoğlu, work the soil and leaf analysis tailored to stating that \"later on, periodic needs considering we are involved with drip irrigation and foliar application . The same size and quality of the fruit we are trying to show you how to get technological products . America, we have brought these products that do not harm the environment and pollute the groundwater in the world with the lowest salt index and chlorine , heavy metals, nitrate-free fertilizers. Every year around this time the fruit make it count and feeding our program this period compared to have been shaping , \"he said .
Manufacturers how much data you can receive SEE
hekagro the harvest festival in Mersin farmer organizations, representatives of also brought together . harvest in the garden examiner Mersin Agriculture Livestock Provincial Director Kadir Çiftepal , Mersin citrus known as the city , he said. Çiftepal to , he said:
\"citrus whole Considered Mersin Turkey first . Regulation of harvest days constitutes a good plus . Our manufacturers easily come here and see what can be taken from a tree yields 300-400 pounds . This productive aspect of a good level reached an indication of how \"
Citrus countries in terms of added value that expresses the National Citrus Council President Kemal Kaçmaz , \"In Turkey, citrus fruits, the most important fresh fruit group accounted for . Fresh fruit export target of 10 billion dollars. This creates citrus target of $ 3 billion . In our country, these exports to accomplish abundant and high-quality production , \"he said .
Mersin Citrus Fruit Producers President Ahmet Dursun Şahin Harvest Şenliği'yl are saying about \"this kind of activities of the society more conscious on behalf of the well believe that . Here is what they do , how and what becomes of these products is seen by everyone . Were 420 pounds per tree products . This is a great achievement. \"He said.

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