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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:22

In Xinjiang Ceremony Live Broadcast

In Xinjiang Ceremony Live Broadcast
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Xinjiang Municipality, in the county of minced marriage to reach the four corners of the world via the internet provides.

Ankara news: Xinjiang Municipality, in the county of minced marriage to reach the four corners of the world via the internet provides. Intense pace of work and life of their loved ones in the chaos relatives who capture the opportunity to go to the wedding, the wedding of the project from the address www.sincan.bel.t find the opportunity to watch live. The system is very happy, especially relatives abroad, appreciation of SINCANLI collect.
Xinjiang Municipality has scored better than a service. Municipalities in the district chopped consent of couples taking wedding is broadcasting over the internet. This service is offered free wedding ceremonies, couples who are away and unable to attend this special day by relatives can be watched live from the address www.sincan.bel.t. Close to all the main witness of couples over the Internet that lets this project is collecting the admiration of the citizens. Especially those living abroad, are showing great interest in the system.
Xinjiang Municipality, Municipal Hall Weddings and an interest in the service offered is increasing every day. Two cameras filming the wedding hall. This camera is the one of the bride and groom table, while the other guests of the show. Wedding couples who want to monitor from the internet, when they go to take wedding day is getting information from the personnel. This application can benefit anyone who wants to.
Important that the emphasis on the sanctity of marriage and Xinjiang Mayor Assoc. Dr.. Mustafa Tuna,"People are the most beautiful days of their loved ones want to share. Municipality of his relatives wedding can not come to our citizens for the application that we put into the project, the wedding live from the internet can be monitored. Application into the project we citizens our great interest in seeing that pleases us,"he said.
Of attention very intense, indicating that the registrar Lutfi Karahan, the"Project interest in every day is increasing. Couple Our application is quite satisfied. Cameras from loved ones waving there, wedding book at showing. remote was close to that happy day couples closer together with the most beautiful way spends"he spoke.

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