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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 18:52

In Yyü'IT Festival'Start

In Yyü'IT Festival'Start
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Van Centenary University ( University) Computer Science Research and Application Center organized for the first time this year by \"IT Festival\"began.

Van news:
Centenary University (University ), Professor. Dr. . Genghis Oath held at the Cultural Center \"IT Festival\"with various activities began. The three-day festival's opening ceremony of the Deputy Rector Prof. YY . Dr. . Ahmet Kazankaya , Deputy Mayor Van Fazil Rock , Tusba Mayor Fevzi Özgökçe , Vice Rector . Dr. . Ramadan Şekeroğlu , Science, Assistant Director of Industry and Trade . Assoc. Dr. . Can ahmet , General Secretary Prof. YY . Dr. . Murat Demirel , YY Associate Director of the Private Office of the Presidency . Dr. . Joseph Long , academics and many students joined . Computer Science Research and Application Center ( ICA ) Director Assoc. Dr. . H. Eray Steel, said it will take 3 days of the festival . Assoc. Dr. . Steel, \"Technology development and use in the world is growing rapidly. This development can not be stopped results reveal. Computing technologies using information very quickly reached. But now that accuracy of the information and resources certainly not interested . This accessibility has increased information unless it consume our speed is increasing. Such a the former test things , ToS, tv generation , now has turned into kopipes . information to produce , not just at the moment we are using to consume information , \"he said .
in his speech, Prof. appeals to students . Dr. . Steel, \"Dear young people , none of us is no longer a poem memorized hope . Pocket in our smartphones kopipes are doing. We loved ones special and meaningful days kopipes with the messages we're sending . YY ICA 's main task yyü students at a correct information technology literacy owner is to ensure that . because information technology as a tool that uses information technology with the existing generation . two days 12 one session, you'll join . these sessions in all you IT the pace of innovation, and the first information consume not produce at the point of what you can do , they teach .'re giving Android training to 80 people this year , \"he said .
YY Assistant Director of Technopolis . Assoc. Dr. . If Necati Görentaş , gave information about Technopolis . Görentaş , \"global competition dominated the international field to have a say countries that want the added value of high-technology capable of producing innovation and supporting structure must achieve . The world industry of developing countries in technology a big way in that we see ,\"he said .
Tusba Municipality President Assoc. Dr. . Fevzi Özgökçe , the first mobile phone how much larger and less functional produced Noting that , now at this point is much smaller and much more functions which become , emphasizing the \"Technology used to be human beings like staring . A cord of communication is being performed , then're looking at the these cables are thousands of micro-optics is realized. as a biologist now we're looking at . a man's self very well recognize the need . Aircraft Whether other technologies , whether all of these examples , samples have been created . Indeed, their Koran Quran also very clear . especially in today's technology to reach the last point mentioned . Yet , for example , the first of these irradiation . Currently, the technology seems to have reached the end point is expressed. Investigate you too irradiation can find , \"he said .
the speeches, then among the students first draw was made . Raffle of 4 people and the flash memory Tusba Mayor gave Özgökçe .
Event to the press following the Deputy Rector Prof. flash memory . Dr. . Was given by Kazankaya .
YY Health, Culture and Sports Department also given a plaque after Kemal Demir YY prepared by the students has been switched to music concerts . Folk music concert after YY Staff, offered a demonstration of the Van region game .


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