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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 11:44

Included gone to Ankara

Included gone to Ankara
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Van'This is My Work Project Competition , which won'Metro Safety Barrier Project', will be exhibited in Ankara .

Muş news: Van'This is My Work Project Competition , which won'Metro Safety Barrier Project', will be exhibited in Ankara .
Ministry of Education and Turkey's Scientific and Technological Research Council (TUBITAK) carried out in collaboration and Ağrı , Batman, Bitlis , Hakkari, Siirt, Şırnak , Van and Muş province attended by the'This is My Work Project Competition Mus Fatih Secondary School'of'Subway Security Barrier Project'took first prize . Mustafa Guler School Science Teacher 6th grade students under the guidance and Emircan by Kara Osman Söylemez Metro Safety Barrier Project prepared in physics , eight in the region with the work will be exhibited in Ankara . The exhibition will begin today will continue until the day of 9 May 2014 .
Made a statement to reporters, Director of Secondary Fatih Aydin Gungor ; Ağrı, Bitlis , Batman, Hakkari, Muş , Siirt, Sirnak and Van provinces in 2014 stated that 889 projects were filed . Aydin Gungor, \"Design and survey work 17-21 February 2014 between has been completed. Results of the investigation 242 project district science committee to be sent to is decided . 647 project if upon examination were considered unsuitable . Muş province join 308 works 148 region of the working group to go is deemed appropriate. Mus from the outgoing 148 from work , 32 work zone assessment has passed . District science board examinations, the eight works for the exhibition participation is deemed appropriate , \"he said .
Metro Safety Barrier Project, which gives information about Güngör, \"the development of technology in our lives all areas facilitate as transportation problems remedy has been . world in many parts of the metro and high-speed trains now transport an indispensable part , even the most important means of transport took place. Nevertheless metro and high-speed trains provide transport all the areas stations were established. established at these stations simple safety precautions to be the world's most painful also brought death . Based on all of them to avoid the death occurred underground subway stations now have designed the security barrier . Our project-based safety barriers at stations constantly to remain closed , subway station , enter the passenger area to get to come to stop the car when the door along with the barrier activated in coming down to the vehicle occupants took the car door closed simultaneously with the barrier in our become active will be closed. In this way, unwanted deaths will happen , \"he said .

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