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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 13:39

Increase in olive scares sineğindeki

Increase in olive scares sineğindeki
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Bursa 10 years ago that led to large-scale loss scares olive fruit fly population increase.

In early August, which increased in Bursa

olive fruit fly olive orchards on Food, Agriculture and Livestock Manager Ömer Çelik made a statement. Inducing producers to be wary of the statement that calls the Provincial Director of the olive fly and Steel,"in the province olive fruit fly, 8 million 500 thousand olive tree can damage the case. Outbreak years, if we did not fight against pest damage by up to 80 percent may occur. For this reason, producers of olive be vigilant to fly and be cautious."she said.

Ömer Çelik, who had the winter as pupae in the soil pest, olives, olive fruits lubrication begins to come out in August-September, said that she started to put the egg. Steel, has included the following views :"Y umurtalardan fed larvae grow before opening the gallery in olive adult larva, the pupa comes out after. Suitable season 3-5 progeny can. Olive seeds are damaged usually remain in the tree can not be used as a table."

STRUGGLE HAS BEGUN medicated beginning of August
olive orchards are seen Shoot down 1 percent in early August, the first drug to fight on August 6 Explaining that the City Manager of Steel, the new controls was found to vuruklar August 23 'ta job that he was the second fight. Olive fly Taking up this early for the first time for many years about the City Manager Ömer Çelik started to hurt, found the following warnings:"H Avalar due to go to the appropriate olive fruit fly, quickly becoming an epidemic began to give offspring. Applying, do not time, manufacturers do not comply with olive groves and techniques were damaged. olive fly is observed to continue to increase. For this reason, manufacturers until harvest to prevent damage and to follow the announcements of the Directorate for Food, Agriculture and Livestock, the drugs used during spraying invite you to be careful not to contaminate other cultured species."Provincial Director of the sale of prescription drugs is prohibited reminiscent of Agricultural Omer Celik, producers asked them to be careful in this regard.

Increase in olive scares sineğindeki" comments for.


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