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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:02

Increase in Quality was spraying olive oil

Increase in Quality was spraying olive oil
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Turkey's most important olive production centers in the Gulf of Edremit after 2-year hiatus was done to improve the quality of medicines in olive oil fly .

Balıkesir news: Photo approximately 11 million because of the olive tree where Burhaniye , Edremit, Ayvalik, while Gomec and harvested in the Gulf region into the synagogue of the town area , extra virgin oils flowing from the taps in the manufacturer's laughing face. Two years after Balıkesir Municipality of support to the oil of the olive fruit fly combat aircraft structures yield and improve quality were recorded. The harvest season in the region is expected to last until March . Explaining that higher Photo Quality Burhaniye Taris Manager Emrah Ozturk, \"this year's olive season started early. Our Factory was begun early activities. This year oils obtained very good quality. Infiltration of edible quality dizy my oils . the effect of both climate , should be made of medication , provided this year oils to be better quality. the oils we obtain the moment dizy education level , \"he said .
this season , last season, in contrast to that expressed higher quality of oil laboratory Ahmet Korkmaz, \"This season oil nefaset is also very nice . also acids are also low tactics . due to the lack of this wolf probably . we hope it will be a nice season, \"he said . explaining Photo Harvest beginners manufacturer Mehmet Yücesoy said,\"Crop scarce, but oil rich if to compensate , \"he said .
another manufacturer Muharram Ibish said,\"I had 15 workers. I was able to collect 20 sacks of olives. Acid situation is very nice. known locally very nice . Gulf of our olive oil is another , \"he said .
Chamber of Agriculture President Ali Duman , \"This year, the 2014 campaign started quickly . Drugs due to acid being low. Good price if the pair will face more roses , \"he said .


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