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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 23:48

Increasing Number of dead in Gaza

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Missile attacks on Israel from the Palestinian territories responds harshly .

Missile attacks on Israel from the Palestinian territories responds harshly . SOS Children's Village of the air strike in Rafah in the far reaches , with any increase in the number of dead was expressed .
Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip continues, Hamas rocket attacks targeting Israeli city continues . Last night, from the Palestinian territories to Israel by missiles fired today in the wake of Tel Aviv thrown a missile early warning system , as determined reported.
During the day, continuing attacks , including women and children, where at least 14 people were killed , with any number of dead is expected to rise .
SOS Children's Villages in welfare officials, the attack is coming to the camp and the camp of the children of the children explained that under the threat of trauma . Children in the village of campus where smoke and dust removed from the village , but was unable to because of the safety of children . SOS Children's Village officials to Israel and Palestine child protection zone recognize the need , and that around the area of conflict far away from the urges .
Israeli army spokesman Moti Almos, in the Gaza Strip today 160 targets had been hit and Israel began yesterday, the military operations hit targets in the coastal strip since announced that 430 . Among the targets of Hamas stated that there were 120 missile system .
Meanwhile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas , Israeli airstrikes made ​​the call termination . Abbas , the Palestinian Authority , the Palestinian people necessary to protect the applicant noted that all international organizations .
Increasing severity of attacks in the Gaza Strip on these attacks in neighboring Jordan demanded an immediate halt .

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