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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 17:35

Increasing Number of Psychological Problems in Manisa

Increasing Number of Psychological Problems in Manisa
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The last 5 years in Turkey due to psychological disorders doctor 3 times the number of applicants increased output of 9 million .

Manisa news: The last 5 years in Turkey due to psychological disorders doctor 3 times the number of applicants increased output of 9 million . In 2009, due to psychological disorders in Manisa number of 71 thousand 104 people admitted to hospital , while in 2013 this number went 219 thousand 778 . Between 2009-2013 a total of 747 thousand 799 people were admitted .
Ministry of Health with psychological complaints consult a doctor has released statistics on the number of people . According to statistics from the years 2009-2013 covering doctor for mental disorders in Turkey the number of people turned three-fold increase from 3 million to 9 million . According to data from the Ministry for applications in Turkey in the use of antidepressants and other drugs in the first place , while Istanbul Izmir followed him .
A doctorate in Manisa 5 years the number of applicants has increased three-fold . In 2009 in Manisa 71 thousand 104 people psychological discomfort to the physician when applying , in 2010 this number 115 thousand 964 people in 2011, 152 thousand 826 people in 2012, 188 thousand 127 people in 2013 and 200 thousand numbers after overcoming 219 778 thousand people came. Between the years 2009-2013 a total of 747 thousand 799 people were admitted . Statistics by doctor every year shows that the number of patients continued to increase . Of Manisa Mental health give and Disease Hospital, 12 more than the number of patients due to serve with .
With statistical information released by the Ministry of Health in the assessment of the organizing secretary of the Psychiatric Association of Turkey Exp . Dr. SAHUT Duran, the events in Turkey pointed out that it was effective in increasing number . Easy access to health services in Turkey stressed that no longer fixed , as well as increase the number of physicians stated that influential was also noted that the performance of the system .
Stating that the problem of unemployment in Turkey Exp . Dr. Duran, \"Minimum wage workers there . Living-related problems. Many social problems, psychological trying to unravel . Psychiatry attended this business will be resolved is said . Baga when our patients many of our socio-economic situation is bad, we see that . Society schizophrenia that we, the trauma we call major psychiatric disorders is fixed. these rates in the community of 0.5 percent to 1 percent is available. Its more to heart disorder, such as depression complaints more have increased . this situation or the person's socio-economic status related to , or in the country-voltage environment increasing due , \"he said .
People psychiatry as a solution said he saw Duran, \"Everything's solution sees. Employees workers get permission when it is not psychiatry come reports are taking . recently the same as criminal cases related crimes has increased. substance abuse , the rise of the influential are . Psychological people with problems , not once , constantly coming . Is a condition that requires long-term follow-up . A depression treatment takes at least six months , \"he said .
A gap in income distribution in the society pointed out that economic Duran, finished by saying:\"We are very rich in our country . Turkey's 3 percent , with 80 percent of the economy . When we look at the remaining work on the minimum wage see that often . These people who experience difficulty in the thumbs . I can not find the way out . Therefore the depressed and comes to psychiatry . Psychiatry as a society will explode in some cases we're pushing . Because these people are coming to the right instead of calling psychiatry . Deserve the right to call together in a place that does not shut down . Lately serious pressure occurs when the rights are sought . In this country, organization , unionization a big problem. A great shortage of subcontractors system . Subcontractors because people are staying alone in the system . \"

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