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  • 16 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 11:28

Increasing Popularity of Aesthetics in Bingöl

Increasing Popularity of Aesthetics in Bingöl
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Bingol State Hospital Service of Plastic Surgery is the official Open.

Bingöl news: Bingol State Hospital Service of Plastic Surgery is the official Open. Dr.. Yilmaz Deer, the monthly average of 170 people said she had plastic surgery.
Aesthetic and functional operation in Bingöl, indicating that there Oper against the increase in demand. Dr.. The deer is the most popular in the nose, he said. 170 of about 100 local operations voicing Oper. Dr. Deer,"is taking place in 70 general anesthesia. These the majority of our patients, and concomitant rhinoplasty is creating living breathing problems,"he said. The average age of people undergoing rhinoplasty of the transfer of 25 to 30 Oper. Dr.. Deer,"per month 40 people rhinoplasty and subsequent breathing problems with a complaint of treatment comes. These patients, mean age of between 25 and 30 is changing. Necessary examinations after surgery the patient with our nose, troubleshooting however, gives an aesthetic appearance are,"he said.
of patients undergoing rhinoplasty, the nose must maintain at least 3 months stating that the Oper. Dr.. Deer,"Nose undergoing people, at least 3 months noses trauma to maintain. During this time it is possible, glasses should NOT be. First few days so will consist of swelling, to reduce the intermittent ice applied. Surgery, the patients after 6 hours priorities liquid nutrients giving, eating can begin. surgery after the drug within the specified time on a regular basis should be used. Facial parts, swelling and bruises to occur, it's normal swelling within 2-3 days, up to the level of reach in 7-10 days largely will disappear"he said .
of Bingöl living in Europe, came to the city to be treated explaining Oper. Dr.. Deer,"from overseas patients are coming. Bingöl and not the people living in Europe Bingöl our citizens to be treated coming here. Surrounding counties, Diyarbakır, Elazığ, Tunceli, Malatya, Mersin, Muş and Antalya as many provinces and patients are coming. Turkey's at any point this surgical operations performed, we are doing in Bingöl. treatment to our patients do not need to go out from Bingöl,"he said.

Increasing Popularity of Aesthetics in Bingöl" comments for.


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