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  • 11 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 11:03

Increasing Risk of Weight Gain in Winter Months

Increasing Risk of Weight Gain in Winter Months
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Adana Special European Hospital Nutrition and Diet Expert Sarah Cavlak, in the winter to gain weight, especially for vitamins A and C are amply taken and fibrous foods weight should be given, said twice or three times the consumption of fish has suggested.

Adana news:
Cavlak, said in a statement. spinach, broccoli, carrots, citrus, food abundant in vitamin A and vitamin C, noting that,"daily nutritional intake About this vitamin their resources to enhance people from infection protects. fluid intake should be increased and protect from infection to vitamin C intake is very important. it as a juice consume, we both liquid of requirements to eliminate both vitamin C in terms of consumption is very helpful. But these fruit juices when tightened just needed to drink because vitamin C is very sensitive vitamins and almost lost inclined to,"he said.
disease to avoid and body mass Adverse changes , weight gain, such as to avoid problems to nutrition, much attention should be emphasized that Cavlak,"In this period, first and foremost, our nutrition vitamins a very important place is going to have. especially protection from diseases and immunity of our body to increase the C and vitamin antioxidant vitamins such as the importance of the big ' 'he said.
winter season less activity is done to gain weight who would be Cavlak, that obesity also would cause the underlined. Simple carbohydrates should be avoided emphasizing that The bald,"I have very limited activity outside of the winter season and we will gain weight. More are turning to fatty foods and sugary foods. We found less activity. Put on weight, it causes obesity. Therefore, especially simple carbohydrates should be avoided,"he said.
From the sun in the winter too little benefit for vitamin D, suggesting Cavlak of this vitamin, the most important source of fish that was expressed. Cavlak, said:
"winter season than the sun we get little benefit for vitamin D are less. We can not find too much vitamin D in foods. Fish is one of the most important sources of this vitamin. Fish are also iodine, selenium and omega-3 because it contains two or three times a week during the winter season should be consumed within the facility. Vitamin E, vitamin A, and also prevents oxidation of that protects us from disease. Green leaves, nuts, nutty, oily seeds. These vitamins for our main meals and snacks evenly distributing our protected from diseases and also you can spend the winter season in a better way."

Increasing Risk of Weight Gain in Winter Months" comments for.


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