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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 14:46

Individuals who defrauded from the police:\"I'm seeing Murat Commissioner \"

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Citizens trapped in Zonguldak phone fraudsters tried to .

Citizens trapped in Zonguldak phone fraudsters tried to . Seeing a person talking on the phone in front of the bank to alert police party asked . Police saw the victim in the face , \"I'm seeing with Murat Commissioner for a second ,\"he said . The police insisted on being defrauded citizens were rescued at the last minute . Despite all the warnings from the police
of telephone fraud can not be prevented . Citizens by calling them fraudsters posing as prosecutors or police into the trap of dozens of people each day is reduced.
Ali O in Zonguldak . looking for a person named fraudsters introduced themselves as police . Ali Ç.'Y account is used by the terrorist organizations and immediately pulling money should be deposited in the account number stated that the fraudsters , the phone also asked to be kept open . Alice O . Despite the warnings of those around all comes out the right way to the bank incident was reported to the Security Directorate teams Zonguldak . 115 News Centre under the guidance of the teams Soğuksular police quickly moved in to the bank branch .
POLICE PREVENT FRAUD OTHER VICTIMS was by chance when looking
tried to ripped in bank branches Ali Ç.'Y seeking police went over the sight of another person speaking by telephone of the name Alice O . whether he said. Ali said that the name of the victim and talking on the phone and tried to listen to the police . Victim of police officers on suspicion of speech ,'as you introduce police are trying to swindle'he said. Availability understands citizens real police returned , \"I now commissioner Murat was talking to saying\"phone next to the police gave .
invest money the police prevented
On the other hand defrauded desired Ali O . Thanks to the attention of the police has recovered . Expressions in both parties were taken to the police station to be received Soğuksu .
Zonguldak Police Department teams, phones stimulating citizens against fraud , \"No police do not want citizens money and account information ,\"he said .

Individuals who defrauded from the police:\"I'm seeing Murat Commissioner \"" comments for.


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