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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:04

Industrial Site \"Garbage Not Collected \"the denial News

Industrial Site \
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Van Small Industrial Estate Cooperative Chairman Muhittin Yıldızbaş, \"waste not collected regularly on the site \"is expressed reflect the fact that the form of news , \"We're suing about News reporter who ,\"he said .

Van news: Photo published in a newspaper, \"Van Auto Craftsmen Industrial Estate in blood crying \"came the response from a report titled site management and trades. Garbage collection is a form of expression that reflect the truth of the allegations in 10 days that Van Small Industrial Estate Cooperative Chairman Muhittin Yıldızbaş, on publication of the notice which said they would resort to the judicial authorities . Industrial site trades as cleaning in that there is no of a nuisance and waste of stating that meet regularly Yıldızbaş, \"Regular garbage collection , as well as environmental've identified over what they do daily activities of the assigned 5 staff for cleaning . On the other hand, garbage trucks site by entering garbage in every evening at 19.00 order are they collecting , \"he said .
some trades that are left out in the daytime the garbage and this error also stressed that there was no point loading municipality Yıldızbaş, news that makes newspaper also criticized , \"There is a management of this site . If it is not collected on time garbage we make the collection by contacting the municipality. name given without'Site shopkeepers said this saying is contrary to the principles of press put in the dock for everyone , \"he said .
before Yıldızbaş it said that done of similar hoaxes , \"Some people do hoaxes form that prostitution is coming from disguised as a beggar . such news is the news of his malevolent person . They also do not get much recognition. We will contact our attorney on this issue. He'll sue about friends. We certainly have no shortage of garbage collection , \"he said. In emphasizing the industry trades to be no shortage of about Photo cleansing , \"Alhamdulillah , we have no shortage . Municipal works well. Did not have any difficulties in cleaning . Tusba Our municipality is trying to assist as much as we can. Doing the washing sprayers come . Streets and alleys with cleaner vehicles sweep \"they said. The Photo Tusba Municipal Sanitary Works Manager Hakan GÜNDOĞDU , industrial sites is 10 days regarding voiced that the lie of the claim that trash removal . GÜNDOĞDU ,\"Every day routine as 2 in the industrial site of 13 cubic meters Our capacity hydraulic compression tool carries out cleaning services along with 8 staff . In addition, every day of our 5-person cleaning team provide cleaning services in the industrial zone sites. We condemn this baseless news regretfully made ​​. We as a municipality Tusba'clean environment , healthy living'on behalf of 24 hours a day 7 days we continue our work , \"he said .


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