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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:51

İnebolu the municipality , the village of New Practices

İnebolu the municipality , the village of New Practices
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İnebolu Municipality, the problems of the villages in the district went to a new application for a solution.

Kastamonu news: Photo İnebolu Mayor Peters Uzuner, district village of priority as hearse and not enough of the facilities of the village , especially garbage collection service , said they acted all sorts of problems unresolved and can not be resolved also to make all kinds of services in the local common attributes needs to be done to the village. Photo President Uzuner, 5393 Law on Municipalities relevant articles mentioned and Local Government in accordance with the opinion of the General Directorate of district village with implementation to be carried out primarily noted that the resolution of problems such as funeral vehicle and garbage collection services. Photo İnebolu Municipality of the villages in the district will be presented local services in joint nature , 5393 Municipal Law Article 14 of the first paragraph (a) Subject to the provisions in paragraphs specified in the duties and responsibilities upon the decision of the Municipal Council, İnebolu Municipal and Rural another long Noting that carried out the protocol to be signed between the headman , said:\"our district should hearse services in the village , as well as the difficulties being experienced in terms of garbage collection services , etc. can not be done on these issues and other matters of our village . related issues, our municipality should e-mail address by sending an e-mail , as well as healing problems were raised many times . Especially in summer Özlüce village and noted the garbage collection problem , especially the village of Evreny . Considered the demands as the municipality was flown , without disrupting the service of our Inebolu , what can we do for our county villages ? How can we help ? so we made ​​some research. As a result of our research , we have reached the view that the General Directorate of Local Authorities . Accordance with the relevant provisions of the Municipalities Law No. 5393 , We took on to help our village. Municipality's , county , our joint nature of the services to be provided to the local village ; 5393 Municipal Law Article 14 the first paragraph of (a) Subject to the provisions as stipulated in paragraph duties and responsibilities , upon the decision of the City Council , according to the protocol to be signed between the Municipality and our village Headman, we learned that we could do for a fee to be determined . On top of this , our first district village of funeral service brokerage services and garbage problem especially urgent challenges facing services , we remove the attached letter to Inebolu 81 village headman to resolve . In line with requests coming from our village , the evaluation result will be municipality's , the City Council's decision on the village will have a protocol between our municipality with Headmanships , and will begin to offer services for a fee to be determined by the Municipal Assembly . Our district while also serving the village in any way without disrupting our services , we will continue our Town \"

İnebolu the municipality , the village of New Practices" comments for.


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