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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 13:07

İnegölspor he missed two points is upset

İnegölspor he missed two points is upset
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Sports Toto 2 League Red Group 12. Altay Izmir entertained the oldest team in the field in match week with a 1-1 draw in the remaining two points İnegölspor sorry he missed .

Bursa news: Photo House in İnegölspor stiff wrist , the sixth appointment in the field , with well-established team continued its way tie Altay Izmir were the guests . Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu , the AK Party Istanbul deputy Hüseyin Şahin , Inegöl Governor Ali Maples, Mayor Alinur Aktas and Police Chief Şükrü Kaplan Inegolspor began attacking the competition with the watch , especially with the thrust from the right wing was instrumental in the rival area . Muharram is using the ball from a corner kick in the 48th minute , in front of the penalty area to the bottom corner of the net, bringing Yilmaz feet , putting İnegölspor was ahead 1-0. The last competition and competitors around the middle of the penalty area after 83 minutes which developed the first dangerous attack Altai, grabbed a draw in the attack. The visitors grabbed the tie 1-1'lik Emrah Kaya . Photo A GREAT OPPORTUNITY fled Photo 12 . week match 5. draw a signatory to İnegölspor households to print as a rating , raising the score to 23 , away the difference in scores between Gölbaşıspor 3-2 leaders Bandırmaspor down to 3 , home Pazarspor barrier attached to the puandaş of Goztepe the score before passed . Photo Match the following Bursa Governor grandstand Munir Karaloğlu , \"İnegölspor played really good ball today , spent a lot of positions . Match could pull off maybe before, but this is football , you miss , you scored your castle comes a time competitors. this works is the case. the error will get that goal . I think İnegölspor good way. Today , it's not a bad result , I congratulate \"he said.
Deputy Huseyin Sahin ,\"I find it best to İnegölspor , the staff really well . Win deserving a game revealed , found in position, but could only evaluate one. rival single most important opportunity gained Altai survived goal finalize the defeat . it is earned score points. our management is good, very good support of our fans . Hopefully direct inference to a higher league . If not we have a team that will challenge for the play-offs . I am hopeful that the İnegölspor , you will do much better work. We need not to worry we have lost on points . İnegölspor's future will be good , \"he said .


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