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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 21:00

Infrastructure Sewn flat-out move in Progress

Infrastructure Sewn flat-out move in Progress
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Planted Municipality, 2014 continues to solve the root Çandarlı with 25 village-turned-neighborhood with new Metropolitan Law came into force after the local elections and took the Standing town center and superstructure problems with the studies carried out in İZSU cooperation.

İzmir news: Photo Standing Municipality of work carried out in coordination with İZSU General Directorate of Science Affairs team Almond , Garden, Deliktaş , Demirtas, Denizkoy , Esentepe, Gökçeağıl , Kabakum , Katıral new , Kıratlı , Kırob to , Kızılçukur, Kocaoba , Mazilu , Ladder , Nebiler, righteous , Samanlıköy , Uzunbur's , Yahşibey , Yaylayurt , Yenice, Çağlan Cukuralan , channel in the central district and Çandarlı in Muslim villages , clean water, storm water drainage on the other hand while playing without interrupting their studies Standing Municipality of other teams depending on Scientific Affairs granite stone and asphalt gave impetus to road construction work . Due to the outbreak in the antiquated pipe big problem in the past year in the county after the end of the study occurred will be made ​​solutions from the root to the incoming water shortages . Photo Standing Mayor Mustafa Tosun, in his statement ,'Sewn in new, beautiful days hello call. Now Sewn's infrastructure , superstructure renovated according to the requirements of the day . We are joining hands with our metropolitan When we came into office we were promised we bring quality service to every point of interruption . Today we take our town more livable neighborhoods indiscriminately and making each of our privileged we are about to reach its destination . Our district residual water cuts , river flooding , we will be there will be no clogging of the channels are extremely happy . Working night and day services wholeheartedly thank all my staff without disrupting takes , we promised our people as we continue to offer the finest top quality service , \"he said .

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