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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 14:32

Inpatient ambulance waited for his father's knee

Inpatient ambulance waited for his father's knee
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Download in Manisa car while trying to cross the multiplier small child , he had waited for the ambulance due to the shock lying on his father's knee .

Manisa news: Photo Princes district of Manisa Ibrahim Gokcen Boulevard in a traffic accident that occurred at 11:30 row , 9-year-old was injured in D. Campbell . Manisa School Okan , the father who wants to cross the road while waiting for a moment with D. D. Can a 9 year old found cruising D.Ö. administration of the AV 353 09 plate car was hit by hand . Hitting his head on the car's wheels to the impact D. Can the arrival of the ambulance waited on the sidewalk in his father's knee D. Arrow . Current events looked bitterly about who the little boy shocked by the impact . Photo Can D., by 112 teams Manisa State Hospital removed, father Okan D., when they came to leave to his son's basketball course he jumped off of his son and he said struck while the vehicle is in motion . Police launching an investigation into the accident , was found to be in good condition Can D.'s .

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