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  • 29 Aralık 2013, Pazar 19:05

Input circuit between Trabzonspor Morelli

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Sports Toto Super League 17 Medical Park Antalyaspor 2-1 weeks in the field, who defeated Trabzonspor came into operation morale.

Sports Toto Super League 17 Medical Park Antalyaspor 2-1 weeks in the field, who defeated Trabzonspor came into operation morale. Trabzonspor coach Mustafa Akcay
encounter killing in the meeting due to stomach cramps MANDIRALI joined coach Hami. At a press conference matches evaluating Hami Mandıralı,"the teacher and our match in goal at the position where the injured Emre get past our wishes are sending. 2,013 years of good for us now, I think. Their behalf our performance made us happy I can say. Limited staff even though we both in Europe and in the league We are doing well. Turkey and Trabzonspor in the best way represents what we think. All overtime we spend for it have. things about tonight also can tell you this; Our players selfless played. Winning behalf of everything they did. All players congratulate. love us and with us thank those who We are. This victory in the New Year in a peaceful way to get in. We think. this occasion everyone's new year congratulate"he said.
A press officer Aykut Akgun bench in the movement to ask what Mandıralı, the following answer was:
"I I did not see. everyone his move to itself, whether it is responsible for their. was alive people their own destiny illustrators. Aykut our players the task are giving and fulfilling work. them in soccer usual thing."
Trabzonspor Didier Zokora, the"Today seriously tough match We spent. Antalyaspor forced us because it is very compact game showed. match at the beginning of the ball we were but poor goal ate. Later goals by finding the winner came. Kazan, but we have to have earned. Season the first half of our area without losing're done. Homeowners good matches have exhibited. Onur awesome performance because, thank you. Its internal field performance share is larger,"he said.
Bamba, one of the important 3 points received, emphasizing the"fallen behind that was a match. too play a match, we were tired. important thing is three points was to take. Very happy and holiday morale will go. Season of the second half for the preparation will begin,"he said.
Medical Park Antalyaspor coach Aybaba Samet, missing a staff against Trabzonspor had gone out said,"our competitor game against collapse and quickly attack wanted to go. first half it achieved a goal we have found. then switched win gireceğimiz time penalty was. One Goal motivation dropped,"he said.
in the second half the pace of the fall explaining Aybaba,"Tempo thoughts sit back, have . Elderly is natural, but there quick exit feature, bad goal ate. Trabzonspor celebrate. second half cups and leagues very difficult in our days there. squad Us supplements whether you worked so hard the second half well need to prepare,"he said.
defender Emre Gungor If the penalty position to match up well lead, said:"The first half of the dressing room 1-1 have entered. most bad points we wanted to but did not. hopefully upon us bad luck leave the second half started well want to,"he said.
Emre, penalties position related to the"I think the penalty is not. Their hit the ball do not interfere. Own my foot hit touches"he said.
Medical Park Antalyaspor only goal scorer Zeki Yildirim, Trabzon points or scores to get here, noting that"If we score We were unable to. Antalyaspor're in unseemly. Circuit is worthy to rank among the best work we want to Antalyaspor. At golem glad I did not. because our team could have won,"he said.

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