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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:14

Input Paralympic Sailing National Team camp in Mersin

Input Paralympic Sailing National Team camp in Mersin
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Sailing Paralympic National Team came to the camp in Mersin.

Mersin news: Selecting at the end of the camp will go from Mersin to competition which will be held in Melbourne on December 7 to 12 athletes will be selected. Photo Turkey Physically Disabled Sports Federation organized the camp by , continues to work to participate in the competition to be held on 5 athletes Melbourne . Successful athletes selected at the end of the 10-day camp will be given the chance to represent Turkey in Australia. Turkey in the related disclosures for the Physically Disabled Sports Federation of Labour members of the Board and Sail Ogutcen Selma Officer , under the Physically Disabled Federation of Turkey in 2006, and he began to study the sailing industry. The Ogutcen stating that they have preparatory period between 2006-2007 , \"the first in 2007 in Istanbul as a member of the Sailing Club'unobstructed sailing'began in this way. It turned out to go to Portugal in 2008 . Then Mersin sailing club official in 2011 at the same time the Board coach Sedat Çelikcan , came to Istanbul and we asked for help . us any kind of support , we started we promised that we will help you work like that. After all really , we start the better. I've considered the top in the entire Mersin Sailing Club of Turkey . in the meantime, businessman Ergin Imre us 5 units was a gift by sponsoring the boat . so we left it to the Sailing Club Mersin . 55-60 are currently in Mersin licensed athletes , \"he said .
\" oUR GOAL RIO 2016 OR 4-5 ATHLETES wITH PARTICIPATING to \"Photo 2012 until today 3 grain camp do they highlight the Ogutcen , \"Because it has always been applied more because budget shortfalls. once able to go to Spain. our goal is to do at the moment 2016 Rio to participate in the Olympics athlete who is at least 4-5 . In Turkey, we have 3 units unobstructed sailing clubs in the industry. We we seek to increase it. Currently we are doing 7-12 Selecting events in the competition which will be held in Melbourne on December camp activities are performed . Hopefully, your friends will receive their awards as a result of this selection camp and will also earn the right to participate in the competition Dec. 7-12 . Our goal is our disabled friends sitting at home , our brothers , our big Taking this in the sea , feel the difference that now instead of how a psychological treatment to continue this work in the sails . I believe we will achieve success regardless of how athletes so . As long as sponsors Let's do enough to will do , \"he said . Photo Çelikcan:\"< strong> THE SPORTS PHYSICAL THEMSELVES HUR feels to DISABLED \"Photo is sailing general captain of the boat and coach Sedat Çelikcan Mersin physical in 2011 they started recording disabled sailing industry , \"It was our idea to spread to all branches of the club . But hardly anyone refusing . They think that the problem of dealing with a little handicapped . Friends who want to come from all of us at certain times in Mersin, Turkey in this regard are invited to camp here . As a result of this study, these people get on the boat here , they come with the ability to use the boat. They say the opening of this branch with application to the sailing club there . Most people stay away , if it eventually will have to approach the face of such demands. Our children are getting into the boat when you compare this sport to other sports. I'll sit in the same manner as a barrier to Bunsen , I will use the same things. So I completely understand the barriers yokmuşca , no chairs, no crutch that way they use the boat. It provides an environment in which they feel completely free. Our national team is currently preparing these friends are kampınd . We are preparing for the 2016 Olympics to be held in Brazil. We are preparing to go to get the name of a race quota in Australia December 7 . Our children want to live the moment are ready to go out very ambitious and abroad. Thank Federation President DEMIRHAN Serefhan primarily to provide this to us. Our disabled friends to come here , a very different thing to live them. This sport is in favor of the spread in all the provinces , \"he said.

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