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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 14:09

Installing Bursaspor's Basketball Team

Installing Bursaspor's Basketball Team
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Bursaspor Club President Recep Bölükbaşı,'s basketball team has announced that they will establish .

Bursa news: Bursaspor Club President Recep Bölükbaşı,'s basketball team will establish explained.
Came to office after Bursaspor success for the arms in plaster President Recep sergeant and his team , the first return visit Nilüfer Municipality Mayor Mustafa Bozbey did. Nilpark presidency in the visit members of the board were also present .
President Mustafa Bozbey , \"Bursaspor 3 million, the city's brand is worth. Bursaspor is strong Bursa promotion within the meaning will make great contributions . Example of Barcelona when it comes first to mind one of the city football team is coming. Bursaspor'a everyone in this city should support . , I Bursaspor in Turkey and Europe will be successful I believe . these teams before the late President Ibrahim Yazici stood . Industry so powerful in Bursa team from every angle support should take . we Nilüfer Municipality and for me personally always Bursaspor stand by and continue to be, we will , \"he said .
so far Bursaspor'a the support given to thank the President Recep Bölükbaşı , the\"President Bozbey the Bursaspor'a so far was supported . we first return visit to him we wanted to do . since his appointment three months. too busy working process we had. Bursaspor all of us and everyone should take charge . We are in this position temporary, but this team is a value in this city . We Bursaspor in Turkey and Europe have rolled up their sleeves to make it successful . We have established R \u0026 D group with rational generating projects , this team with its own means to sustain want , \"he said .
Besevler neighborhood under construction Ibrahim Yazici stadium's name is very meaningful in voicing Bölükbaşı, \"One of the stadium at the opening Bursaspor we are ready to do our part as . The late presidents name will live there . That means a lot of facilities for Bursaspor . Bursaspor are building a basketball team . This team Lotus Belediyespor by integrating with a common point together in a stronger structure might be able to , \"he said .
End of the visit the President Bölükbaşı, President Bozbey flowers , while Bozbey the guests Nilüfer Municipality symbolize and promote the various gifts was presented .

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