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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:08

Instead he moved to New Mabesa

Instead he moved to New Mabesa
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Malatya Municipality Art and Education Centers ( Mabesa I ) Central Branch was moved to the Art Gallery.

Malatya news: Photo Metropolitan Municipality Art Gallery is located behind the service building, owns 7 thousand square meters of indoor space . 1927-square-foot permanent exhibition halls and art courses that will bring vitality to the arts and culture life of an important workshop Art Gallery, with its remarkable architecture. Malatya's \"M\"symbolizing the letter with a view ; concrete and steel structure roof mixed with the glass coating system structure consists of Art Gallery, the city offers an important contribution to the aesthetic . Photo Malatya Municipality Art Gallery Mabesa I opened the violin Central Branch structure , Pumpkin Kemane , Binding, Piano , Guitar, Ney, Marbling, Jewelry Design , Drawing , Oil , Husn-u Line, Illumination , Sculpture , Doll , China , Badminton , Tennis, Basic Design , Graphic Design, Crafts, as well as the Theatre courses well as voice training and consisting of Voice Training course 23 courses will continue. A wider area to Converged be opened courses in other branches as needed due to .
2010-covering the 2014 period given in 33 branches within 5 years 82 benefited a total of 15 thousand 650 people from different courses . Intense interest in the answer to the Photo Mabesa Central Branch forced to give so President Art Gallery by Cakir Project initiated was implemented .
still informatics from handicrafts in Mabesa branch offices , sports , music , up to the personal development of the clothing is given free arts and vocational education in 34 branches.

Instead he moved to New Mabesa" comments for.


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