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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 01:52

Intellectuals Associations single roof Gathering

Intellectuals Associations single roof Gathering
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Aydınlı located in Izmir associations gathered under a single federation.

İzmir news: Ahmeh made ​​a statement on behalf of the president have come together Doğruyol ,''Izmir as well as living Aydınlı other fellow countrymen associations we look as though as to be treated Aydınlı as ever no Aydın'l in Izmir that we are in , it is vitally necessary to show that it is time to emerge , \"he said .
Aydin , with Turkey's most fertile land , many civilizations honest we have hosted , brave, a province of warm-blooded where people have lived stated that Doğruyol ,''Aydin province identified with the daring , honest, meaning manly Efe, Efelik has emerged in the late 10th century , famous Efeler known ; 10th century Joseph started with Pasha 17th century pointed Bölükbaşı, 19th century Atçal is bald Memet , best known in our recent history nomadic Ali Efe, Killioglu Hüseyin Efe, Demirci Mehmet Efe , Zala I Himmat Efe, Mesa from Efe , Horse of's Kel Mehmet Efe, Mullah Ahmet Efe , Efe haired Gökçen Efe, Çakırcalı Mehmet Efe , Efe tamarisk is located gang names like Solomon Efe . Forces during the National Struggle exhibiting the finest examples of national Efeler , who defeated the Greek EFE wish our mercy from Allah , whether we call heaven venues . Historical, cultural and natural beauty of our country alongside the Kuşadası and Didim districts contributing to our city's first railway tourism has a Turkey İzmir-Aydın railway, has contributed to the country's tourism with thermal sources. The residents living in the province of Izmir in Izmir is available in 7 of our association . Aegean Region Aydınlı Association, Izmir Nazillili Cultural Solidarity Association , Turkish Aegean Coast Aydınlı citizens can Association, Izmir Aydınlı Association, Izmir Aydınlı'Welfare Association, Nazillili's Association and Association Bozdoğanlı that are in the making . We have 7 Aydınlı in our Photo province on their way to federasyonlaştır our association . Our goal is Aydınlı Federation ; 70 from 7 to embrace all Aydınlı . Aydınlı are put together, provide social solidarity among our members , our city and protect local culture and cherish values ​​, moral and material needed to be near our countrymen. And so our province we live to own Izmir , create public opinion about the city's problems to pass information to relevant bodies and organizations of the remedies , having a sense of belonging with which we live simply, to integrate citizens living in Izmir, citizens can be our gain the sense of belonging and identity.''He said .

Intellectuals Associations single roof Gathering" comments for.


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