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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 16:49

Intense interest in Burhaniye Cartoon Course

Intense interest in Burhaniye Cartoon Course
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BURHANİYE in the district of Balıkesir , cartoon course held at the Municipal Youth Center children were faced with intense interest .

Balıkesir news: BURHANİYE in the district of Balıkesir , cartoon course held at the Municipal Youth Center children were faced with intense interest .
the Cultural History Teacher Specialist and Cartoonist's Erdogan Gazioğlu 44 primary school students attending his course . Burhaniyel children spend their holidays in cartoon courses Erdogan Gazioğlu sense of humor and cartoon drawings that tell about the children who watch with interest , describing their satisfaction from participating in the course , the teacher. Gazioğlu how much you love the children and talked about a month after the exhibition opener . . Trainees are from the Spring Rose , \"I love cartoons . Came here willingly . Teacher is very good. Learned something here on cartoon male . Cartoons are further developed my'd think,\"he said. Zeynep Toprak , \"I love cartoons .'ve Learned a lot here . Teacher explains things very well . Friends also our teacher is also very good ,\"he said . Nile has cut the \"Cartoon've come to the course . Because it is very nice. Provided in the habit of moving . Really learned a lot with us ,\"he said . If Kaan orders Kıycak \"I love cartoons . Our teacher is very good. Much fun is happening. Both laughing , we both enjoy learning . Cartoons you want to promote . Cartoons that I love ,\"he said . Course teachers Erdogan also said Gazioğlu ; \"Children . The world's flowers . World with them, is beautiful. Children tomorrow, is our future. Foods also is love, attention , the information is . With this in mind beliefs we were off . Youth center 6 years our . Organizations since cartoons and elocution lessons I give . Especially our children chose . the children of our capabilities is not hidden . them must see . them to arts and culture redirect should . have seen the course of 15 days are courses . ago cartoons and humor is what we are teaching . then drawing techniques are teaching . pediatric sense of humor , they want to give the message penned cast at each other with tolerance to approach we provide . many successful found 15-day course work in . Hopefully, after a month old with my disciples exhibition are planning to open . many successful students there . Fine Arts studying in there . newspapers and magazines have employees . Moreover, diction courses in the students the series of movies in theaters in those who play there . I see that a successful professional life . That I am very happy . Municipal president . Youth center provides such an opportunity to thank you for that . The kids love it. We live with them very enjoyable course period . Therefore I am very happy , \"he said .

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