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  • 13 Şubat 2014, Perşembe 09:30

Intense interest in Jamal Safi

Intense interest in Jamal Safi
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96 of liberation from enemy occupation of Erzincan Year festivities held on the occasion Cemal Safi began with poetry readings and signing day.

Erzincan news:  96 of liberation from enemy occupation of Erzincan year to mark the festivities Cemal Safi poetry readings and signing day started with.
Erzincan Municipality multi-purpose meeting room organized and intensive participation conducted with the program, Erzincan Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir Erzincan Deputy Mayor Osman Terzioğlu with their spouses while attending the Erzincan University Rector Elijah Çapoğlu Mayor adviser Saifullah Outerwear, official institutions managers and many citizens viewers arasındaydı.progra I Erzincan, Mayor Advisor Saifullah Coats and poet and commentator Text Lightning's poetry reading, starting with writer and journalist Hamdi Ulker Cemal Safi 'continue with the present biography etti.dah Cemal Safi on stage after he read with beautiful poem from each other and to the audience with his jokes was a memorable night. Contributions due to the intensive outpatient program, a portion of the audience had to watch the presentation, the Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir kaldı.şi and Terzioğlu by Deputy Mayor Osman Jamal Safi gave various gifts. Program, the lovers meet with Jamal Safi ended with signing their books.

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