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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:53

Intense interest in the Ataturk Running Gauner

Intense interest in the Ataturk Running Gauner
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The scope of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk passed away 76 years of the memorial program was held at Gaziantep University Atatürk traditional jogging.

Gaziantep news: Photo in front of the Statue of Ataturk held in nine different categories, and the intense interest shown by Ataturk running, Gaziantep University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Cahit began with Bağcı mark . Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Cahill Bağcı , General Secretary Ercan Eroglu, numerous academic personals and athletes also found that Ataturk Running to university students as well as the National Education joined students in the schools affiliated to the Directorate . Photo Atatürk Running at the University Women's category first İsmihan Tuncer, second Ferdowsi Kaplan, third Gokce Nur was Cakir. The winning athletes GAA awards of the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Cahit gave Bağcı . In
University men's category Ali Vural first , second and third Clever Art Access Akdag degree while entering athletes awards Associate Director of the PES . Dr. Received from Mürsel Birçer . Academic staff category in the first Hüseyin Öztürk, second Zeki Yücel Health Sports Department GALLERY gave prizes to the winners , while the degree Lütfiye Carpenter . Folk Olympics athletes in the women's division Dudu Parker first , to the second , while Şahika Sun ; National athletes and coaches in the People category of men's Jonathan Parker was the first. Photo Secondary Schools men's category in the first Recep Lion, the second Salih Yilmaz and third H. İbrahim Bozhüyük , while the girls category Malik Merve Dal first , John Toksöz second , Ayşe Nur Yalangoz was the third . Awards to the winning athletes of PES Assistant Director Asst. Assoc. Dr. Ugur Abakay and Inst Was given by Serhat Kandemir . In the men's category, the first High School Photo Text Yalcin Yalcin second and third Abdurrahman while single from Aldan, high school girls category in the first Die Dilemma , second Sena Nur Ozbay was the third Zeynek iron . Assist award winning athletes . Assoc. Dr. Leader was given by Karakoc . Photo disabled women's category at the European Champion sweetly Yılmazer first , Ryan Tırıkl second , while men's category, Mehmet Erhan Yılmazer Bronze was the second first . The awards to the winning athletes were given by the Federation of the Visually Impaired Member Recep Yılmazer .


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