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  • 09 Ekim 2013, Çarşamba 17:31

Interesting defense against drug trafficking

Interesting defense against drug trafficking
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Suspects raided the house, " We have no business with the drug. We are a family thieves. " He said

Narcotic police Istanbul 'a giant operation made. Sticky Thread 45 address raids, 18 people were detained, many drugs were seized article. the house raid suspects said,"We have no business with the drug. We are a family thieves."He defended themselves.

İstanbul narcotics police Sarıgöl Quarter , furnished with films scenes in the operation took place. Operation from a helicopter, and displayed in one second. Suspects raided a house, Sticky Thread"We have no business with the drug. We are a family thieves."Vote, he noted.

the Istanbul Police Department Narcotics Division teams, helicopters, riot police, and the police operation held with the participation Sarıgöl quarter. Riot police sealed off the neighborhood just before dawn. Police helicopters to follow the developments in the operation of the air crews reported the operation. Despite the warning, the doors opened to spearhead the operation was broken. The roofs of the suspects were caught trying to escape. Operation action movies images to be searched.

after a 10-month study into the address 45, police arrested the 21 suspects, 18 percent. to enlist a person taken before the operation said. Nearly a thousand police participated in the operation 150 grams of cannabis and 249 ecstasy, 110 grams of cocaine and 2 grams of bonzai handle a gun glock brand was.


to raid a house There was an interesting dialogue. Police broke the door and entered the house, the ground laid down suspicious persons. One of the suspects saw the police coming, Sticky Thread"We thieves family. We have nothing to do with drugs." he said. One of the other suspects Sticky Thread"I have 170 files from theft." he defended himself.


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