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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:39

Interestingly citizen Wood Transport Method

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Elbistan before the upcoming winter season to satisfy the needs of citizens who want to burn , applying interesting methods .

Kahramanmaraş news: Ceyhan in the neighborhood inhabited attic apartment on the wood you want to remove a national solution , auto connect and reel wore using rope wood sack back going back to the roof extract has found .
Elbistan winter to feel themselves began. Black winter warming without him wanting to meet the needs of citizens, entered the wood and coal rush . Especially in multi-storey buildings without heating the wood and coal transportation business has become a torment for the citizens . Kilograms in weight wood and coal sacks apartment floors or the roof is difficult to remove citizens, this issue they find interesting ways trying to solve .
County is the most interesting one of the methods the Ceyhan live in the neighborhood Elijah Gungor's citizens said. Received three tons of wood to heat the house sits on the roof of his apartment Güngör is difficult to remove , first tied the rope in front of the car . Built on the roof at the end of the rope through the pulley system hook wearing Güngör, wood sacks spent the hook . Güngör, rope connected with the old car back going back wood sacks up to the roof body strength without the use has been removed .
Winter as they prepare three tons of wood on the roof is difficult to remove that and such a method you prefer to use stating that Elijah Gungor, \"back with our better than a shot . Past year, so I carried the wood . else we have no remedy . 4 times in 1 hour up to 3 tons of wood we are moved , \"he said .

Interestingly citizen Wood Transport Method" comments for.


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