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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 18:23

Interestingly, the Kamala \"NSC \"Description

Interestingly, the Kamala \
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Felicity Party General Chairman Mustafa Kamala, had an interesting explanation of the National Security Council meeting.

Bursa news: Photo Kamala, Bahcesehir University , organized by the School of Government and Leadership \"Political School \"program was a guest. Merino Congress and Culture in statements to the press conference before the Centre Kamala, records of the National Security Council (NSC) meeting likened to the NSC meeting on February 28 process . Kamala, \"February 28 process at that meeting , despite all the injustice and cruelty was more honor. Because there impositions who was in accordance impositions on their philosophy. But here we see it , this is me pretty upset ,\"he said . In the mine disaster in Photo Ermenek evaluating the Felicity Party General Chairman Mustafa Kamala, \"I wish the stranded return to safely house our remaining miners brother. it was 6 days. it's not easy . I hope they are reunited with their families . on the other hand Isparta in a traffic accident that occurred in Yalvac our brothers and sisters who lost their lives , I wish mercy from Allah \"he said.

Interestingly, the Kamala \"NSC \"Description" comments for.


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