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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:03

Interior Minister Ala, found during the visits in Balıkesir

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Interior Minister Al Efkar , Balıkesir Balıkesir Governor and visited the Metropolitan Municipality .

Interior Minister Efkar Ala, Balikesir Governor and Balıkesir visited the Metropolitan Municipality . Photo Balikesir AK Interior Minister Party organization of from motorway at the invitation Efkar Ala, provincial advisory council visited the Balikesir Governor's Office after the meeting . Governor Mustafa Yaman was met at the door by Interior Minister Efkar Ala, signed the book of honor . Minister Al Ain , in his speech at the authorities , \"Turkey always I am pleased to be have come to our Balıkesir our city contributors . Peaceful, productivity and manufacturing city , a place to be an example in all things. What can we do as public investment so we're looking at . More how to contribute we provide . each investment we make here , is returning to Turkey as peace security and development. All Balıkesirli our brothers are proud of rights thereto. us, we are honored to serve them . I would like to thank all Balıkesir. Contact lütfediy are , opportunities they give , they give direction. us from them entrust we receive , we are trying to evaluate the direction that they desire , \"he said . Following the visit of the Minister of Interior Photo Governorate Al Efkar , Balıkesir Mayor Edip Ugur visited in his office. Al Minister met with flowers , \"You act early , you've got the lead early and began institutionalization. You start with the system change . Is the reform of the AK Party government came to power in Turkey. Planning with a holistic view of a city, and the mobilization of resources greater than less profitable with the concept of will be efficient . Because of Balıkesir, is the center of domestic tourism . When the domestic tourism in Turkey first Balikesir district comes to mind . this is a big advantage . this advantage of all Balıkesir and for Turkey's more benefit will provide greater system we set up this new one. Otherwise, our nation is not satisfied with seeing that these results will emerge , just as the output. We bring in our growing understanding of management issues that this reform approach to Turkey. I wish you success , \"he said .

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