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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 18:00

International Olive Oil Panel in Ayvalik

International Olive Oil Panel in Ayvalik
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Town of Ayvalik Balikesir'Olive Harvest Days'panel was organized in the framework of great interest.

Balıkesir news: Photo C President UZZZK the panel ruled Ümmühan Tibetan Cultural Center . Panel on Customs and Trade Ministry Deputy Undersecretary Neşet Akkoç, Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters as well Renklidag Gurkan Association President as Mediterranean Olive City'Association General Secretary Elise Scuto and QV Extra Internaitonal joined President Soledad Serrano as speakers. Panel Ayvalik Governor Namik Kemal spoiled, Ayvalik Mayor Rahm Gencer , ATO managers, Italy , Jordan, Spain , Morocco and representatives of the oil industry from Greece foreign guests , Ayvalık was attended by representatives of the oil industry.
President Ayvalik Chamber Benhur Ibrahim Weigand , Ayvalik a very special geography and wealth are different hosts, he stressed that this is a city offering unique beauty . Weigand , Ayvalik target of introducing the world to a greater number of everyday city underlined that ensure the arrival of domestic and foreign guests. Although he won already the title of being the capital Ayvalik olive oil, noted that he believes the defeat of the right in this regard Weigand , the county's tourism sector was also pointed out that has the potential to be a capital .
National Olive and Olive Oil Association President ( UZZK ) President Ümmühan Tibet, in 2023 the target of olives and olive oil exports to the world 2 have said that . Ayvalik 10 water held in the olive harvest noted that they care about the event days in Tibet , the labor Ayvalik Municipality organized the event , including Ayvalik Chamber of Commerce thanked the past . Speaking at a Photo Panel Customs and Trade Ministry Deputy Undersecretary Neşet Akkoç, Turkey in table olives Although the production of 2 and a half million tons of annual oil consumption annually stressed that only 2 kilograms. Turkey is dominated by 4 per cent of the world oil market, but it's low export base , he said to them enough. Met the manufacturer's success in the olive oil has passed that point the branding Akkoç the market with 4 percent of the world outside of branding also noted the importance of opening new markets to be upgraded. Photo Akkoç, that there is civil war in Syria , he said seriously destroyed there olive market . The figures related to Syria noted that being healthy Akkoç, after Turkey in the area when we look at the current figures from Syria , which ranks second, that the presence of our country leakage olive net input and, therefore , he said is not possible to enter Turkey illegally Syrian olive oil. < Br/> speaking at the panel , the Secretary General of the Union of Mediterranean Olive City Elisa Scuto , Mediterranean city by giving information about the European Union , the objectives of olive oil producers and they said serious work to be introduced to consumers. QV Extra Internaitonal President Soledad Serrano, founded in Spain in particular said QV Extras International marketing and consumption of virgin olive oil they aim for excellence . Especially in Spain's north of the Union , Turkey and stressed that efforts to solve the problems in the living olive sector in many Mediterranean countries.
Meeting last speaker of the Aegean Exporters'The Renklidağ Gurkan President of the Union , an intensive effort to improve foreign market of olives and olive oil export save that they were in , a producer of olive sector is strong , defended the exporter will be strengthened in parallel. The Union as increasing the oil's quality also pointing to the importance Renklidağ , it's Inward Processing Regime in ( DR) was vurla the importance of the need to continue the work . Photo Panel at the end of advocating the need to reconsider the olive Law in the form of draft Ayvalik President Olive Association Saleh Madre'or panel participants gave support to applause. Photo Columnists and journalists led various questions to the panelists . The plaque was given to the panelists , Ayvalik Chamber of Agriculture in Ayvalik Mustafa as the manufacturer of the year award was given by the President Kursad .


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