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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 20 Eylül 2013, Cuma 21:00

International school in Diyarbakir

International school in Diyarbakir
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Bahçeşehir College, Diyarbakir, 3 inaugurated the campus.

Silvan Bahçeşehir College 3 on the way to the valley Konakları The opening ceremony of the founder of Campus Colleges Bahçeşehir Bahçeşehir University Board of Trustees, President and Chairman of the World Education Entrepreneurs Enver Yucel, Diyarbakır Provincial Education Director Mehmet Hadi Agirbas district directors of education, principals, and many guests attended public institutions. In a speech before the opening Enver Yucel, from kindergarten to university College of lifelong education service providers in Diyarbakir 3 Bahçesehir said the campus opened. Nursery and primary school children with a new life in the most well-equipped campuses prepare the way Yucel said Bahçesehir Kolejleri'nin, 7 regions of Turkey today reported that the 47 campuses and 99 schools and services. College campuses Bahçesehir 800 thousand to 2 thousand 500 people are employed in describing the teacher Yücel, eight new schools in the academic year 2013-2014 will open more service, he said. Yücel, 'Istanbul Uskudar and Ring, Ankara, Adana, Istanbul, Iskenderun, Istanbul, a total of $ 120 million has been invested in Bartin. Was a total of 120 thousand square meters of construction. This year we are starting to education campuses, London, 18 thousand, 17 thousand Ring, Uskudar, 15 thousand, 14 thousand Ankara, İskenderun, 12 thousand, 12 thousand square meters with a covered area of ​​Denizli. All schools are to be standard, environmentally sensitive, being built using materials suitable for human health. Showing particular attention to the construction of school classes are large. Değişiyor'dedi size classes of 56 to 70 square meters.


Bahçesehir College, both the education system, teaching staff need to address both the physical structure and Diyarbakir, the quality of education Yücel that the transfer of 'all the schools in Turkey, as well as the establishment and existence of the Republic of Turkey in Diyarbakir Bahçesehir College understands the importance and value of the 21 century with skills, information systems and technological qualification mastered herself, her environment and respect for different cultures, responsible, sensitive, have a sense of social responsibility, innovative leader in the world, catch up with individuals who use language effectively. When an international education in Diyarbakır campus students, classrooms equipped with the latest technology, our museum of science, art workshops, fitness room yetişeceklerdir as well-rounded individuals. Bahçeşehir College graduate schools as well as all other children settle in Turkey's finest universities abroad, will be an invitation to the most prestigious universities, scholarships, olacaklardır'ifadelerini used source of pride for all of us.

Diyarbakır Provincial Education Director M. Come Ağırbaş the recording did not do the separation of public and private schools, 'as Bahçeşehir Colleges Diyarbakir Turkey last year's SBS exam 1 percent released. This is us all proud. I congratulate all the teachers who contributed to the success of our children. The newly opened school diliyorum'şeklinde said to be beneficial to our city.

After the speeches, Enver Yucel, Diyarbakir 3 Bahçesehir Kolejleri'nin Inaugurated the campus. Following the inauguration, Yucel and his entourage toured the school.

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