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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 11:41

Introduced in Hatay Kazakhstan

Introduced in Hatay Kazakhstan
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By Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the event was held in Hatay, Turkey's promotion.

Hatay news: By Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the event was held in Hatay, Turkey's promotion.
Kazakhstan's Ambassador to the opening ribbon of the photography exhibition tanatıl Canseyit Tüymebayev, Hatay Deputy Governor ancient nature, Antioch Mayor Assoc. Dr.. Lutfi War and the ICC Özov ​​Group Chairman Murat was cut together.
exhibition after visiting Kazakhstan introduced the slide gösterisiyl a presentation was held.
Özov ​​Group Chairman Murat ICC here in his speech, Turkey and Kazakhstan's shared history and culture that they have in many areas of common do the job, noting that new investments With the strengthening of relations, he said.
Republic of Kazakhstan Ankara Büyükalçi Canseyit Tüymebayev by far in many areas of Turkish businessmen territory the investment is doing, to enter the country visa requirement if search said.
relations between two countries with particular attention to the Ambassador Tüymebayev, businessman Murat ICCA offered the position of Honorary Consulate of Hatay said. ICCA these proposals about accepting Tüymebayev,"So now Hatay, Kazakhstan moved closer and closer over time in Hatay, a Kazakhstan Honorary Consulate will be in and together we will unveil"he said.
Ambassador Tüymebayev, continued as follows:
"Kazakhstan, Turkey's strategic importance energy sources, oil and underground mines is exported. Kazakhstan economy total Turkish investment volume of nearly 2 billion. between our two countries bilateral trade and investment to boost Kazakhstan and Turkey services and products transportation in the joint venture may be established and land, sea and air transport facilities can be utilized. them as well as ports and shipyards cooperative efforts for the necessary facilities are available. One Another area is tourism. we are seeing brothers Turkey in this field, great achievements has taken. past year alone from Turkey Kazakhstani tourists 250 thousand has been exceeded. Kazakhstan in particular the nature tourism development shows. example, today the Turkish companies coast of Caspian Sea in the tourism facilities that kender such areas are continuing their work. Simply partners for our efforts in this area must increase. Apart from these investors waiting agriculture, mining, energy, civil aviation and other fields also remain important. Kadim our friendship and eternal brotherhood based on the Kazakhstan-Turkey relations are always fresh remain'm sure it will."
Ambassador Tüymebayev invited Kazakhstan ride and see invited.

Introduced in Hatay Kazakhstan" comments for.


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