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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 11:59

Introduced to the Spanish Tourism Acenteleri Beyşehir

Introduced to the Spanish Tourism Acenteleri Beyşehir
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Historic district of Konya Beysehir and natural beauty, attractions, travel agencies were introduced from Spain.

Konya news: Historic district of Konya Beysehir and natural beauty, attractions, travel agencies were introduced from Spain. Photo of Turkish Airlines ( THY), the main sponsor of his , the Mevlana Development Agency ( LOCATION ) Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB ) with a group of jointly travel Spanish came to Konya trip framework organized by agency , Beyşehir district the I visited . Spanish group , Beyşehir Monastery in Collar Natural Area, Beyşehir Lake National Park, Beach Karaburun history while visiting the Mosque Eşrefoğlu , has also joined the boat tour held at Lake Beyşehir . Spanish group throughout the trip , the county's natural beauty, I was given information about the history of wealth and attractions. TÜRSAB accompanying Photo Visit Konya Regional Executive Chairman Yanar Kazim, said in a statement after the trip , before the Iranian travel from Konya in this context they brought agency group to Beyşehir recalled , \"Now it is known in Turkey , much has changed. the lower course right in Beyşehir in addition to these changes, but not further described , we are trying to say . brought our whole group came later here , Beyşehir Konya the're trying to show that there is a pearl .'ll be more stuff. we believe the future of the place it deserves in Beyşehir with this work , \"he said . of Photo Beyşehir district , in recent years, is a region very interesting , Yanar stressed that a number of promotional activities carried on to tourism , but not well described Beyşehir said . Recognize and it is very easy to introduce but Yana voicing to tell what is important , \"Here is a weapons factory , does not know any Europeans that they go abroad . Lake of our properties, Eflatunpinar unknown . There is lack of expression . Both in Beyşehir , as well as make pale things in Konya you have to . Turnover longer end speed . If we can do things that appeal to those extremes , I think we must go further profitable. yesterday we were in Konya under this trip , we Beyşehir'd today , tomorrow will be our visit Siller with the Çatalhöyük and Kilistra . then the trip we Karaman to be continued , then we will send our guests , \"he said .
Spanish travel accompanying the group and to visit consisting of agents accompanying the delegation from Konya Beysehir in which guests Beyşehir the Municipality Vice President Heroes Goksu, after Beyşehir Iranian agents now Spanish travel agencies in the county guests stating that , \"We show our Spanish guests , we introduced our district , we are introducing . Guests of another country in the near future. All are welcome . Beyşehir not introduced so far, but hopefully we'll be good to introduce better in terms of effort . Currently travel agents they want to attract the tourists here . Hopefully , such studies will be useful. We strive it. In light of this trip took us oil , they said they liked our district . We did not show more of our island. You know there are 33 islands on our lake . We also want to show at a subsequent visit these islands , \"he said. Photo

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