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  • 03 Mayıs 2013, Cuma 09:38

Invariant Trend:Black Dress!

Invariant Trend:Black Dress!
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As an integral part of every woman's wardrobe, new trends in black attire zengineleştireceğimizi how to speak.

Black is an essential part of our closet for sure. Every woman's closet a black dress, jacket, trousers or skirt are. Black style never goes out of style no matter what the year. But it is still possible to enrich the new trends. How? Here are a few suggestions:


Add color to black dress

black dress, business meeting, wedding, dinner, a romantic night of the funeral invitation that you can use any kind of saving. Of course, using survey invitation which will determine your dress. Colorful, eye-catching jewelery chirping tamamlayacakken your spirit with friends on a night leading up to an elegant black dress worn knob will complete a business meeting in a small pearl earrings. The best suggestion is for a romantic night out or a very specific küpelerinizi lipstick color or your choice. Bordeaux, such as lipstick or emerald green earrings.


Complete with thin socks patterned black skirt or dress now!

garters, of course, we recommend the most suitable for hot weather. It does not matter garter socks or normal thin, highly elegant designs for both models are able to find thousands of different types. If you are a simple black dress or a black skirt on you if you have the easiest and most attractive way to enrich her choice to make socks. Of course, do not forget to complete this profile with a sleek and slim-heeled shoes are.


Elegance lace shirt!

attracted attention, lacy dresses and shirts in demand again this season. Black and narrow-leg pants or flares are back in fashion lace detail on the shoulder or collar shirt with a wonderful combination of parts can be. Shirt with white or ecru color, especially the vibrant colors you can choose from again this season.

4 colored high heels and glasses!

80's style mirrored glasses popular again this year. Round, his face said to be at the forefront of a wider footprint models. Black mirror glasses will add elegance to your clothing definitely. However, the trend in the image colored shoes this summer. With the details of the different but complementary colors and leather heel shoes are colored black color will add days of spring and summer clothing.

Author: of First Instance Yazir freelance writer and translator. the point , Comma, Super!, Hand in Hand, Marie Claire
EM and Turkey Yacht Turkey has written articles in magazines like .

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