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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:07

Investment Calls from Tkdk'

Investment Calls from Tkdk'
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Agriculture and Rural Development Support Agency ( TKDK ) to farmers and investors in Kahramanmaras Elbistan by the Coordination 13. An information meeting was held with regard to the investments included in the Call for Tenders pen .

Kahramanmaraş news: Photo Elbistan Chambers Speaking at the meeting held at the meeting hall TKDK Kahramanmaras Province Coordinator Dr. Omer Suha Uslu, 13 said the Call for Tenders Kahramanmaras across the 7 to investments under the main title at least 50 percent , including 65 percent until the grant funded a total of 42 provinces for about £ 550 million budget allocated . Photo Elbistan Chamber of Agriculture President Mehmet Ali Bulut's greeting speech at the microphone after Dr. Uslu, tkdk'n noted that the grant is exempt from tax and value added tax brackets. Farmers and investors who wish to benefit from this opportunity presented to them by Dr. Uslu, \"We will together serve as opposing parties will benefit our farmers as employees in the state and the state's agricultural feet and we come together at every opportunity with our investors. Elbistan us with agricultural potential districts , where the largest 4th largest plains watered in Turkey , too have a district where there are serious agricultural plants. this district our also that evaluates the potential to make the candidate of our both our province in our target our guy. we think
Elbistan much hope promised. to give all the support we can, we are ready to cooperation. Final as we perform our investors grant payments . prior to that many livestock in Elbistan , we got the project on the milk production plant and the contract we signed . projects related to particular tractor with the support of agricultural tools and machines of our many farmers received and grant support was given . Elbistan also in the front row at this point took place \"information was passed . photo Jointly or mortgages on land that records can not be provided grant support for Dr. Omer Suha Uslu, \"Jointly deeds , we are unable to grant the mortgage deed . One of the biggest problems of our country in stockholders'plots:Our farmers are carrying out these activities with the fight . Agriculture, family's wayward son . Support is always an area in need . Standing the many activities support our farmers sheds . They were put under mortgage in return . therefore, the support of our being born as a result fewer . in the coming days there may be a number of developments related to it. Today you that we expect in the years 2015-2016 on the studies to which we are about our hope that we plan and in the present of a new Call Notice period We entered . was announced on Monday. We will provide information about what to do regarding this announcement period.
agricultural investments were made from own resources . We are a dry giving a grant support as TKDK . these grants support our milk , provided that the rate of at least 50 percent , meat production and also in the production of chicken meat goes up to 65 percent. In general about 50 pieces so far signed TKDK Kahramanmaras livestock project. These calls are important opportunities . So far we have completed our budget which is allocated to livestock. In the beginning of the new term these days on 10 January to 10 February will accept your project. Investment projects related to animal husbandry can not get the first time in this period. However, the title of the program we provide 10 different grant programs we implement. These include grant support we give our very different agricultural investment available. EUR 180 million will be distributed in 42 provinces have money . Elbistan district in this area , we continue to take our project , \"he said. Photo Uslu, finally, \"the investment resources is very important. We are performing as an organization in the form of grant payments after spending entitlements together with the investment. It can also invest in installments according to size . Those who could not afford the opportunity for investors as well as using the equity lending mechanism under the name of our organization has made in collaboration with our many banks , protocols signed with them. 18 banks have suffered at the points where the investor offers support with very favorable terms. This alternative to our farmers suffering at this point also needs to be very good reviews. Banks are pleased with our efforts at this point for us. So far, the general Kahramanmaras Photo TKDK, 156 units signed a project contract . Get Elbistan that most projects and our district as incurred. This project will make about £ 65 million grant to pay for the total investment cost of 140 million pounds , \"he sentence .
Later Agriculture and Rural Development Support Agency ( TKDK ) Euphrates Kahramanmaras Provincial Coordination Specialist Karakoy, will be supported in general Kahramanmaras under the IPARD Programme measures and took measures gave a presentation in relation to investment matters . Photo of bank managers operating in Elbistan also includes the program , farmers and ended with investors'questions to be answered by experts .

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