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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 18:08

Invincible Armada

Invincible Armada
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Three years ago, the Center Yeniköysp in the green field to play the game so far that 34 were never defeated .

Aydın news: Red-white team, and 1 , respectively, while living 2.Amat Cluster Cluster Amateur championship , also starring Super Amateur Cluster 4 games 3 wins, 1 draw took . No match undefeated Central Yeniköysp is that out of the field , the only defeat of last season playing as Special Administrative Hizmetlerisp village took the match by forfeit . Super Amateur authorities taking 3 wins in 4 matches played in the cluster surprising Central Yeniköyspor coach Rifat Özdemir, the secret of success'family announced as having the environment. Ozdemir, this season , he said they did not want to feel the championship stress. Photo Our job is easy NOT Photo Super Amateur cluster yet explaining that the championship word factors early Ozdemir, \"the league is Kuşadasısp spending serious money and There are teams like Sökespor Kulübü . our business have also been playing two match against gözüksek as easy değil.gizl leader . the first goal is to play a play-off in the league . \"he said.
< strong> oURSELVES wE SUPPLY FIELD Photo 34 is match defeat whether they speaking reminded Ozdemir, \"Eat not to always nice. There's a great success. all of our players are playing by himself spades in the field. he struggles as a team gösteriyor.saha interest in training ,\"he said .
FAMILY MEDIA YES Photo Managers underlines that a major interest in the team and at home and abroad pointed out that support them at all times supporters Özdemir said:Photo \"Our managers are dealing exactly with the problems of our players . Yenikoy people does not leave us alone. 2 years ago by the number of our audience and our profile was developed . There are players from outside . These players manages to adapt to the team. All the players that we have an intimate atmosphere does not want to go . \"

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