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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:31

Invitation to Kosovo from Izmir Manufacturers

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Kosovo Deputy Economy Minister Ramadan Hassani , Izmir industrialists to invest in the country and therefore called on to Europe .

İzmir news: Hassani , \"needs a lot Kosovo's investment in the experience in investment Turkey is too big. We need a new country we are and everything. Both politicians want to increase our both commercial relations.\"Photo Kosovo Deputy Economy Minister Hassani headed delegation visited the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry. EBSO Vice Chairman Erdogan during his visit to the home Florist has created the weight of the agenda of increasing the volume of trade and investment. Kosovo is constant improvement of relations with Turkey, but stating the desired point can not be reached Ramadan Hassani , \"because of its proximity to our country was our more commonly associated with Istanbul . However, we understand that we can further improve trade with the visit to Izmir . There deal closer to 20 between Kosovo and Turkey. our government especially wants to invest in the Turkish investors. our investment conditions favorable . we wish to maintain a balance in trade between our two countries . in addition , thanks to our agreement produced in Kosovo goods to the European market to be able to get very comfortable with great advantage for investors , \"he said .
\" COOPERATION to READY \"Photo egebölge Chamber of Commerce Vice Chairman Erdogan Florist, Turkey, while indicating that trade is very weak between the third largest city of Izmir with Kosovo , \"where it operates more than 300 Turkish companies , 18 thousands of Turkish citizens living in Kosovo , a country where we feel ourselves close . First I need to develop trade . Izmir and Kosovo as EBSO investors are ready to cooperate for organizations to meet . We believe will further increase their investments last year with the entry into force of the Free Trade Agreement signed in September and trade figures , \"he said . Photo EBSO food, textile , machinery, electrical and electronics , petrochemical, energy, construction, automotive and industrial especially 64 Florist stating that 4 thousand 500 members in various branches of industry , energy in Kosovo , labor quality and cost , taxes , financing facilities and land allocation says he will play an important role in increasing the investments of matters such as . Photo iNVESTMENT MEDIA READY Photo also Alliance of Kosovo Business President Agim Shah present at the tribunal , the Turkish company said of the many factors found to invest in Kosovo.'re doing highway of Turkish companies in Kosovo , electricity distribution in the Shah said that Turkish investments said he took an active role in the financial markets of Turkish banks . Agim the Shah , \"in Kosovo KDV 16 percent , 10 percent Customs Duty , Income Tax is 10 per cent . Euro is very important. Our government is always our partner organizations in the delegation . We're here to cooperate . We invite you to evaluate investment opportunities in Kosovo , \"he said .
TURKS ACTIVE According to the figures of 2013. Photo Kosovo's exports to Turkey , while 211 million euros , 7.4 million euros imports were made. the export of Izmir, never import from Kosovo same year was around 4.1 million. the investment in Kosovo, the Turkish private sector reached 335.4 million euros , the total cost of the project is loaded in the construction sector was 800 million euros. THY Kosovo the capital has direct flights to Piristine . Kosovo , does not require visa for Turkish citizens.

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