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  • 10 Eylül 2013, Salı 11:13

iPhone 5S and 5C iPhone craze

iPhone 5S and 5C iPhone craze
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iPhone 5S and 5C iPhone started the craze. Has sold more than 10 days, but ...

Technology enthusiasts

Apple 's lined up for days to get the new stuff.

Americans, the presentation will take place today and expected to be available on September 20 new iPhone in front of the Apple store to wait for models has begun.

New York's famous 5th Americans are queued on the street in front of the Apple store, features and price yet undisclosed iPhone iPhone 5S and 5C of the first areas to be camping supplies # 5 spent the nights. Bring a sleeping bag and overnight stays of 24 hours a day passing by technology lovers is waiting.

technology enthusiasts, daydreams of 11 days to reach iPhones on the street sabahlayacak.

iPhone from 8 hours to get to New York from Ohio eyaletininden Justin Lockhart technology company employees along with colleague Jon Murphy, the queue since Friday morning is waiting.

Presentations will be held today, the iPhone 5S and 5C models of iPhone with an estimated guess sales will be on September 20 in Lockhart, Sticky Thread"ahead There are 11 more days. This is so exciting" he said.

Jon Murphy, the new models have a higher resolution camera, advanced operating system, and stated that they expect to be faster. Murphy, 8-hour times that the only way to get the iPhone said.

with his cousin Joseph Cruz on Thursday, indicating that they entered the queue for the new models, and he wants to take his mother said. Cruz, a technology company T-shirts to wear for $ 800 has agreed.

videos and pictures on the Internet by spreading the new iPhone 's name is claimed to be the iPhone 5S. and screen size will not change the design of the new iPhone direction.


iPhone 5S and 5C iPhone craze" comments for.


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