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  • 22 Eylül 2013, Pazar 10:13

iPhone fans' Gold'' was a rush

iPhone fans' Gold'' was a rush
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Months, the highly anticipated model users disappointed.

Apple and iPhone

enthusiasts eagerly waiting iPhone's 5S model released As soon as the color of gold, silver immediately recorded exhausted. America and Europe yesterday, suffering from consumption of gold-silver color, many iPhone iPhone 5S'lerin instant fan alamamalarının days frustration experienced long-awaited phones.

15 days waiting in front of the store in Manhattan New York City defending Joseph Cruz (20), second in Although in 5S'in gold-silver said it had received version. 5 on the street in front of the Apple store for a period of 15 days stating that Cruz was having a fun time, two gray 5S able to acquire space, he said.

that President Abdullah Gül's Place hotel located right across the street in front of the Apple store in New York yesterday, as long gü not lacking. IPhone at the Apple store gold-silver color finish 5S'lerin news of the many iPhone enthusiasts breath of companies offering telecommunication services from Verizon, AT & T stores had ike. However, AT & T, Verizon companies who want to subscribers only gold-silver-colored iPhone 5S 28 to 30 GU n they can get in, he said. Gold-silver color model of the Apple stores, but towards the end of October, said it would be possible to re-sale.

Manhattan Best Buy stores in 24 different regions of the gold-silver-colored model does not 5S'in reported their iPhone. Apple's Manhattan store officials gold-silver model not send any Best Buy store can not do because of the announced sales of this model.

iPhone fans' Gold'' was a rush" comments for.


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