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  • 23 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 11:14

iPhone Touch ID fingerprint sensor security vulnerability 5S'in

iPhone Touch ID fingerprint sensor security vulnerability 5S'in
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IPhone users are the focus of the market since the first release of the now hackers target of 5S.

German hackers, sold out in just a few days after the submission of the iPhone 5S'in hack'ledikleri claimed the fingerprint sensor. Berlin-based hackers belonging to a group, how the Touch ID sensor's fooling put the video on YouTube.

separated parts IPHONE 5S'İ

world the first 64-bit processor smart phone iPhone 5 S features unfolded.

offered by Apple Sticky Thread fingerprint scan technology, the first hacking has become one of the main objectives for the day. Berlin-based Chaos Computer Club (CCC) members, web pages ID hack'lediklerini Touch announced.

statement, 'starbug 'intruder called laser printing fake fingerprints of the original mold formed using the method specified. According to the information, starbug, the method developed in 2004 for the first time succeeded in slightly improving.

starbug, said,"In fact, Apple's sensor so far sensor developed just greater solubility ... For years, belirtiyoruz fingerprints should not be used for security purposes. Leaving your fingerprint anywhere and is very easy to create counterfeit marks,"he said.

how was that?

According to the news site Mashable, starbug fake fingerprints to create the process followed by the following:

2400-dpi resolution

first photographed the original fingerprint. The image obtained was cleaned, was turned inside out and then printed with a transparent surface on 1200 dpi resolution. Finally, the pink rubber milk or white glue, was on patterns brought about by the cartridge. After this, a thin layer of rubber was removed from the surface and become mature, then fake fingerprint pattern.

the video, CCC, with the support of hundreds of people Forgive collected, Touch ID hack'leyen the first person promises to give 20 thousand dollars. Although the process starbug sure, though, that the hackers on the Touch ID hack'lendiğine 'maybe' the report said.

Security analysts and Nick Depetrillo Robert David Graham, CCC announced that they had got in touch with and reviewing the claims.

iPhone Touch ID fingerprint sensor security vulnerability 5S'in" comments for.


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