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  • 10 Eylül 2013, Salı 10:18

iPhone5S'in features became apparent

iPhone5S'in features became apparent
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iPhone5S'in prospective properties we have compiled for you ...

longer hours for the introduction of Apple's next-generation iPhone was awaited. On September 10, Turkey dinner with the clock at 20.00 in the event which will be held in San Francisco, features the new iPhone will be announced.

a lot of speculation about what the new iPhone will have features such as a full subject of curiosity. Ahead of the rumors we've compiled for this important event.


's a lot of video and photo spread on the Internet According to the new iPhone's name is claimed to be the iPhone 5S. The letter S 3GS model Speed ​​(Speed), while 4S Siri meant. It remains unclear what is meant letter S new model.


Expectations remain the same in the direction of the new iPhone's design and screen size. 4 inches larger screens, although Apple has recently been claimed that the test of the new iPhone, a radical design change is expected.


the rumors that the new iPhone will have a coating of gold is at the beginning. If you are falling to the internet is correct, up to date countless videos and photos with the iPhone's classic colors of black and white color option, see next golden color.

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introduction of the new model of iPhone button (home button) is expected to be a fingerprint sensor. This sensor is able to share biometric data. AuthenTec's company Apple bought last year have focused on biometric, it strengthens the claims. If the claims are true, we can say that the sensor will provide extra security to your phone.

NFC (Near Field Communication)

long-awaited new iPhone may feature NFC is expected to arrive. If this claim is true you will be able to use your iPhone as a credit card.

iOS 7

7 beta version of Apple's new iOS mobile operating system, application developers for testing Apple released last June. 7, the final version of iOS on September 10 is now expected to be announced officially. IOS 7 with a fresh new design, the phone features of the control center, multitasking, has advanced photography features.

A7 processor and bigger battery

judging by some pictures posted on the internet which is faster than 30 percent from the previous model, the new iPhone A7 processor and 1600 mAh battery that provides extended battery life to use a little more.


the last few months, the most widely spoken One of the issues of Apple's plastic-coated, in the direction of a cheaper iPhone model çıkaracağı. If the rumors are true retina display screen of this model you will not be quality and personal assistant Siri will not participate in the system. Another is the expectation of this model now referred to as the iPhone 5C green, yellow, to be produced in different colors like blue. Apple's invitation to the event on September 10 will take place in different colors reinforces this claim.

Other rumors ...

new iPhone's camera is expected to be a little more advanced than the previous one. Sapphire crystal and 128 GB of input button also do those who claim to be driven, there is also a new model on the market.

Of course, all of these things spoken

a claim for now. Turkey time on the evening of September 10 at 20.00 in the event, which will begin to be seen all of these claims is true how much.

this event which will be held in San Francisco, just a special attended by guests from Berlin, Tokyo and Beijing at the same time to do the Apple stores. Journal of Technology on behalf of the world eagerly waiting time from Berlin to follow this particular activity, you will have a chance to transmit. Until then, continue to wonder a little more ...

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