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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 12:08

Iraqi Foreign Minister Jaafari from'Military Bases'Explained

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Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari , said the destroyed infrastructure in place which receives the ISID terrorist organization , \"We are no military bases on our soil formation or any foreign military force to come do not want to have in Iraq's soil.

Ankara news: We want to help us just training and equipment to the international community , \"he said . After the establishment of the new government in
Iraq During his first official visit to Turkey , Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari , the Sheraton Hotel on television and in newspapers in the description of the Ankara representative found. Jaafari, \"in a meeting last held in New York and Paris, he attended an international meeting to represent the whole country representatives said they located next to Iraq. At the same time the condemnation of terrorism , and they use a common language to support Iraq . That message also stated that they located next to Iraq against terrorism. Our Kurdish brothers joined the government. To oversee the security situation before everything , fight corruption, Iraq's rebuilding , strengthening of relations to international countries , starting from neighboring countries , neighbors and investments to be made with other countries , it is hoped to develop other relationships. Of course when we look at the relations between Turkey and is based on the date the roots of relations between the two countries. Linking the two countries are subject to the living resources . These are the beginning of the Tigris and Euphrates water sources, such as \"he said . Photo Turkey's remarkable development in economics has demonstrated Jaafari, \"We want to benefit from the experience of Turkey . Both investments , both trade and wish her well as all other areas of transportation coverage , \"he said . Photo Jaafari, \"after the fall of Saddam Turkish companies really began to play an important role in Iraq. Even sağlanmamışk security environment began during this period Turkish companies to invest in Iraq and found to come at some sacrifice in performing these investments . Heber said the capital is a coward , do not go to places where there is no security , but they found Turkish companies come and invest , \"he said .
OIL AND NATURAL GAS TRADING Photo Turkey's Iraq for a door opening onto the European Jaafari stating that , \"Iraq and related matters in Turkey we described as two doors , one other geographical history. There may be the development of oil and natural gas trade between the two countries . This door can be opened via Iraq to Europe. Countries engaged in the production vehicle will pass over Iraq and that the country will be Turkey. Thus it may be via Turkey to open Iraq's European market , \"he said .
\"Isidor based on superstition when we look at terrorist organizations , children and the initiatives in question for the destruction of the old , \"said Jaafari, \"international coalition in respect of aid to Iraq I give an opinion . Of course, we requested assistance from security and military areas of international power , but this aid training and equipment , as well as other matters that are important in other combat terrorism field , we found the acquisition of intelligence information requested in aid in respect of my sürdürebilel our struggle against Isidor . Of course Isidor terrorist After invading the province of Mosul 1 million 800 thousand Iraqis to immigrate from the region and around this city . The Turkish government that had migrated through the Red Crescent , and they offer assistance to our citizens who had left the area they are located , \"he said . Photo Jaafari , the statement said:Photo \"Isidor is destroying the infrastructure in place enters a terrorist organization. Therefore, we need the medium and long term period in rebuilding the infrastructure is in question. Neighbors and friends said Turkey also is a deep experience in the fight against terrorism is a strong military power is concerned . Within the framework set out in the UN , both in the training needed to take advantage of hardware we want to benefit from Turkey's experience and support. We are no foreign military bases on our soil formation or presence of any military force in Iraq do not want to come to earth . We want to help us not only in training and equipment to the international community . \"

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