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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 13:55

Iraqi Foreign Minister Jaafari:\"( Iraq Oil ) is Iraq's internal affairs \"

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Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari , related to Iraqi oil , \"when we look at the issue of Iraq , this issue is not a regional issue, is the internal affairs of Iraq.

Ankara news: We act within the constitutional framework in Iraq, \"he said. Photo after the establishment of the new government in Iraq, which made ​​its first official visit to Turkey , Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari , the television and newspapers at the Sheraton Hotel spoke to the Ankara representative. Jaafari, Iraq relating to oil , \"when we look at the issue of Iraq , this issue is not a regional issue, is the internal affairs of Iraq. We act within the constitutional framework in Iraq. Although not a state of emergency during such a crisis between Turkey and Iraq . At the time in question was a particular shortage is a national of Iraq's oil wealth as it is known , and this belongs to the Iraqi constitution, according to Iraq's central government. These revenues are all Iraqis , \"an official said.
Iraq , which is part of the defense Peshmerga forces as whether a strategic priority for the central government of not Kobani'de Jaafari on the question, \"Both the Iraqi armed forces, security requirements performing missions under its umbrella units when undertaking any tasks that are required to make the decision of Iraq's central government . There are two functions of the Prime Minister . Ministers and manage to assume the command of the armed forces . Therefore, they can give orders to the armed forces within the framework of this responsibility , as they occur in Mosul in doing extraordinary circumstances must apply in a wartime definitely parliament is concerned beyond that , \"he said . Photo Jaafari, \"Iraq's attitude unified is attitude. This attitude , Baghdad or Basra not show any variation in Erbil . Security-related decisions are taken by the central government. Mr. Prime Minister to decide on this matter. All of Iraq is a matter of concern , the parliament should also check , \"he said .
INCOME FROM OIL SALES Photo of a journalist , \"remarks the income derived from oil sales that evidence has been blocked in the Turkish bank There was , what can you say the question of \"Jafari said,\"This revenue is derived from oil sales are in safe hands . We mention this during our visit , but it does not mean we will not mention . Many topics will be discussed in detail later in the meeting to be held , is located at the beginning of this issue. After our visit to Iraq, Davutoglu said Turkey's Prime Minister , that after the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister will also visit to Turkey, \"he replied. Photo Jaafari, \"Our indivisible our stance against terrorism . We , we take over the definition of terrorism on the international agreement . We do not want to create another problem when solving a problem. Overall we would not question in any way remotely close relationship with our terrorist organizations. Iraq has attracted great suffering for this file. Our Constitution does not accept our no relationship with any terrorism group. We see terrorism as a ring composed of several steps. The last step of terrorism activity. If the previous steps is terrorism culture , then there is not funded , is to educate the media is , in some countries campers are created to assist terrorists. At the same time terrorism-pulpit rhetoric and allowing the passage of state terrorism. We can not separate them from each other. I do not understand that, under financial assistance condemn terrorism curtain over the pulpit . I do not understand the issue of providing passage to terrorists. I do not mean a certain state . I do not observe a distinction between the government and citizens. In certain cases, may be certain citizens certain capital but does not represent that no way is it the government, \"he said . Photo Jaafari, spoke as follows:Photo \"One of Terrorism purpose , certain cases the terrorists to create strife between the two countries also can perform the migration of certain elements , so that they yaratabil a crisis . Therefore our düşmeme this network , we need not to open the way to the government crisis . Turkey is in fact a victim of terrorism . I have not forgotten the 48 citizens have been kidnapped in Mosul. \"

Iraqi Foreign Minister Jaafari:\"( Iraq Oil ) is Iraq's internal affairs \"" comments for.


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