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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 14 Ekim 2014, Salı 11:34

Isidor militants being trained in camps in Iraq

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Isidor continued progress in Iraq and Syria's \"Jihad blood 1\"gave the name to the new militant organizations participating in the training program to train young people how they are seen .

Musul news:
in Iraq's Nineveh province Abu Azzam Al-Ansari Training Camp in images shot at a group of organizations that recently joined the militants Isidor published a new video on how they are trained . ISID-aligned militant commanders in the chest kick thrown by militants such as durability tested to be subjected to a variety of training images is located. In the video the most remarkable details of the tents set up in the camp of the militants belonging to American troops , indicating that the \"USA \"writing . This tent has left the United States to the Iraqi army and ISID that the seized materials is estimated .
Training with real weapons in the images they see a wounded militant understood how the narrative is told in the fire that need to be recovered . Another militant militants attempting to rescue the wounded militants wounded crawled crawled under fire is approaching. The wounded militants brought onto the stretcher-like fabric roll militants gave themselves point to observe after militants observers by militants Recovering pulling a rope connected to the stretcher . All this is done under conditions of actual combat rescue training .
Posted militants in the video for the defense and martial arts to protect themselves seem to be taught . Gun in his hand , a knife or stick with one of the topics being taught , such as how to fight . Another part of the training program for the militants, weapons cleaning, removal and installation-level training . Images also given religious education also seems to militants . Learning about God and faith will encounter problems when applying the information taught Jihad is described. Militants also issues such as conflict and martyrdom are also mentioned .
In addition, hundreds of young people ,'the success of the first phase of training now that they'are described.

Isidor militants being trained in camps in Iraq" comments for.


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