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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Aralık 2013, Cuma 11:19

Iskender Pala 'Talked About Fate

Iskender Pala 'Talked About Fate
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Küçükçekmece Municipality, the famous writer Prof.

İstanbul news: Küçükçekmece Municipality, the famous writer Prof. Dr.. Iskender Pala and literature lovers, 'once again brought together in Fuzuli readings.
held at Art and Culture Center of Heaven In the interview, Prof.. Dr.. Pala, Fuzuli"Ezel clerks UŞŞAK baht a square wrote, this mazmûn line with is stage-i ruhsâr to have written"string that starts with the ode Based on about life, the assessment found.
famous writers, despite opposition from the air showing great interest to its readers an interview,"I realized Fizuli, was not a superfluous man"in the words addressed and thanked. Superfluous ghazal 'in the Destiny' concept drew attention to the expression,"We all write there and you can not change it. Stretched shorten not but deepen can develop. However, fate can not change. Azrael given him the job on time, which makes it foolproof,"he said.

"HOW wants to marry you, THAT MAKE"
Fuzuli's ode, the"Lover of the baht, the land they wrote"that expresses Pala,"Lover of the baht black pen is written. 'Cause love separation is fed. lovers longing does not draw, love will not grow, does not develop. Lover dies will be saved. however, separation them every day kills.' saying on the subject, the words' How to marry a man like yourself if you like it saying,"was completed.

Iskender Pala In the interview, participants answered questions. Prof. Dr.. Pala, books too long research results summer, said:"Very'm reading. Too if you read what I was doing the beğenmezs you. Too if you read You ascend. Well depicted can, well can write. Fuzuli this ode pages of a book of life, can bring to a garden-like states that .'s Books Get yourself garden.'ll see some very nice things, saying,"advised his readers.

Iskender Pala 'Talked About Fate" comments for.


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