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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:15

İskilip in Home Fire

İskilip in Home Fire
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Çorum in the fire in a house Iskilip has become unavailable .

Çorum news: According to information obtained
Sergeant Burns neighborhood fire broke out due to an unknown cause at home by Ahmet Lightning Street . Short time, the growing fire engulfed the whole house . Citizens who smoke that rises from home and asked for help by calling the fire brigade. The fire brigade was put on notice to the scene taking control in a short time . Occurred damage on a large scale in the fire did not suffer any casualties .
Event then District Governor Şuayip Gursoy, District Police Commander, was found in Captain Bahru Mercury and Safety Manager Cihan Ercan get with the past by visiting the Lightning family wishes.
Governorship in addition to voicing the Lightning family of Governor Gursoy, said they will need to help the victims families .

İskilip in Home Fire" comments for.


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  • 850 years appeared to lead to a mosque again 850 years appeared to lead to a mosque again Çorum Iskilip district, introduced in 2004, 85 year-old wooden mosque in the town of Edremit, to be taken back after the meetings İskilip'e removed.
  • 850 illik məscidə yenə yol göründü 850 illik məscidə yenə yol göründü Çorum'un İskilip rayonundan, 2004-ci ildə Balıkəsirdə Edremit mahalına gətirilən 85 illik taxta məscid, aparılan danışıqların ardından İskilip'e təkrar aparılması üçün söküldü.
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