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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 10:22

İşkur , and select Edit to the demands of the course Locomotive Sectors

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Turkey Business Council , to train qualified personnel went to the regulation of the labor market needs change.

İstanbul news: Construction, tourism, ICT sector for the labor force as determined by demand courses will be held . Photo Turkey Business Association (IŞKUR) went on to train personnel changes in the qualifications required by regulation of the labor market . Construction, tourism, by determining the demand for labor in sectors such as locomotive IT courses will be held . IŞKUR CEO Dr. Nusret printer ; \"Regulation , labor market needs as qualified labor supply to Turkey Business scope of active labor services organized by the Institution of vocational training courses, job training programs and aims more effectively and the quality implementation of entrepreneurship education programs ,\"he said . Photo related to the printer regulation found the following explanation:IŞKUR edited vocational training courses will be considered by all parties to the views and demands. In this way we will be more effective in recruiting industry and labor in the qualities that go our employers. \"
Job Referring to facilitate making changes in their training program the printer ,\"recognition of personnel to be employed our employer and offering the opportunity to see the beginning of the job Job Shadowing Program, application much simpler with the changes and removed bureaucratic obstacles brought on employers to understand it . For example, the company will be used when calculating the quota number of employees made ​​the last 3 months of application will be considered without taking into consideration the day's number of employees . Also follow the practice at the end of the program instead of monthly monitoring of the decrease in the number of employees was brought . \"He said.
Public institutions and organizations and voicing provide that the holder of workers organizing vocational training courses for those working in particularly dangerous and very dangerous profession with professional organizations in the public institutions of nature General Manager of the printer , thus rendered compulsory or will be in the future would be a significant contribution provided to the receipt of Vocational Qualification Certificate . Photo printer \"public institutions in cooperation with the method of entrepreneurship education , professional associations and chambers, universities, associations and brought the possibility to do with the foundations . Also IŞKUR after training , mentoring those who want to start their own business and will be working on issues of access to financial resources , \"he said .

İşkur , and select Edit to the demands of the course Locomotive Sectors" comments for.


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