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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:12

Islamic Ministers in Denizli

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Family and Social Policy Minister Ayşenur Islam , \"My condolences to the families of our soldiers who were killed in Hakkari .

Family and Social Policy Minister Ayşenur Islam , \"My condolences to the soldiers of our family who were killed in Hakkari . Thanks to the head of our nation . Surely this job where we'll see the account bitmeyecektir.b business ,''he said. Photo of Family and Social Policy Minister Ayşenur Islam , Istanbul'joined the AK Party's October Provincial Consultation Meeting. the meeting was also the AK Party Denizli deputy Mehmet Yuksel, Bilal Ucar and Nurcan Dalbudak , Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan , the AK Party Denizli Provincial Chairman Avner Ex , the mayors and numerous party katıldı.sayg to be in the position and the National Anthem followed by the reading of provincial head of the metropolitan spoke mayors and MPs . Speaking of Ministers Ayşenur after the speeches, Islam , first said about the soldiers who were killed in Hakkari:\"Hakkari, martyred by the troops of our families My condolences . Thanks to the head of our nation . Of course, this job will end here. We will see the account of this business. Our main will continue this effort to cry . Also, I congratulate our Hijri New Year'Photo Solution process of local and national projects stated that Islam , said:\"complete disappearance of the purpose of the terror of this project, ensuring social integration and to reinforce national unity and solidarity. So many great precision we need progress . Solution process requires common sense , requires collective conscience . Government is not a process that can be carried out with the intention of unilaterally good. I need the support of all layers of society . the solution process is a process that is the sole key to be permanent regional power of the reunification of growth'
human life saw everything from major record Islam , finished by saying:\"We see human life sacred . We do not want the burning of one's soul never . We think we can not be responsible for everyone's safety as the government. Cana mean that no matter who condemn it. The output was owned by the dark will of our nation . Our nation has seen with us to support this process the votes . We will come back this way. We will disrupt games played in this game. We will not let it go because of games played in the project. We will never come to this provocation. We hükümetiyiz Turkey . A movement which embraces 77 million . We will never allow our people to the combustion of a single life . For this, the government focused on solutions . We will not foreseeing the mischief of those who seek to destroy Turkey .''Photo Ayşenur Islam later in EGS Congress and Culture Center to participate in other activities in Denizli . separated.

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