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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 18:30

Isparta Back to Three Years of asphalt

Isparta Back to Three Years of asphalt
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Isparta Municipality Bahçelievler new era infrastructure and social facilities with durable asphalt work the rest of the Friday Market Street launches from 110 thousand to 500 meters in length .

Isparta news: Directorate of Science Affairs tired removed by milling asphalt road , particularly by the Department of Water and Sewerage infrastructure works including rain water continues. Work within 10 days to be completed and the street-resistant asphalt Attaining scheduled .
Construction Department and Water and Sewage Works Directorate jointly sustained efforts over the viewing Isparta Mayor Architect Yusuf Ziya Morning last term infrastructure work 70 percent that they reached and with the remaining 30 percent of the entire city would attain durable asphalt within 3 years . President Morning, election campaign Isparta to the people of his promises in order to fulfill work last period , as in this period Saturday-Sunday bunch overtime notion without discrimination to continue expressed.
Morning, 110 Avenue of the traffic in terms of an important road network is located, and Yedişehit Bahçelievler with a line connecting the neighborhood , he said . Good morning, \"This street we Yedişehit , Bahçelievler , Fatih and Victory Neighborhood our at the same time to serve. So far, rain water , especially infrastructure performs the work we were . Isparta of 70 percent of the infrastructure has been completed . Remaining jobs in 3 years to be completed . 110 street, our natural gas also had been completed. infrastructure of our work , then to the asphalt will be passed. Avenue us within 10 days, the new form will go into service . 3 months to complete a work which in 10 days will be completed . these streets is our area residents to our people and all Isparta, we already get better , \"he said .

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